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  1. Trevor

    serendipity 2

    just had an odd message from a serendipity 2 in my inbox here saying 'new here, how are you doing? and a link to a filetap addy? checked the members list and we have a serendipity but no '2'? any ideas? i didnt open the link as i was suspicious trev x
  2. Trevor

    long term rental wanted

    hiya all and a happy new year to you all - we are still looking for an unfurnished 2 - 3 bed property to rent long term in altinkum- not bothered about a pool or seperate kitchen - woud like to be anywhere down from tansas area, carre four area and down the boulevard trev xx aka lesley
  3. Trevor

    need a long term rent ın altınkum

    hello all, well we are stayıng ın our frıends house for the wınter and we now need to look for a place to rent long term - our detaıls are: 2 or 3 bedrooms, not bothered about separate kıtchen, unfurnıshed, no sıtesı, no complex, not bothered about a pool. would lıke to be eıther sıde of the...
  4. Trevor

    fao mushtaq

    hiya, can you contact brusandra please? she needs a password so she can abuse us in the chat room again lol:95im: trev xx
  5. Trevor

    the chat room

    reet you lot, i am restarting the friday neet chat room soirees, this friday 8pm on -10pm turkish time - i will tell brusandra to get her backside in there and jeanne too. pass the word lol trev xx
  6. Trevor

    hello again you lot

    well i havent been active on this forum for a loonngg time but i have been reading and enjoying it again - i cant do apple crumble though lol! thought i would reintroduce myself, my names lesley aka trevor - i am married to jai and we moved to altinkum just over a year ago, its been a year of...
  7. Trevor


    Well, I havent posted on here for ages!! Mind you I still read every day or thereabouts. Just a bit news for all of you who remember me and Jai - we are heading to Altinkum to live tomorrow (scary) I hope we will meet up with a lot of you while there, we now have a place behind the Alo 24. Poor...
  8. Trevor

    cake maker wanted in altinkum

    Hi all, my friend jean lives in altinkum, she has asked me to ask you all if anyone knows of a cake maker in altinkum, turkish or english for wedding cakes etc - can anyone give me a phone number i can text on to her? trev xx
  9. Trevor

    longer term rentals

    I have had an enquiry from two sources about renting my property in altinkum for a year at least, its a two bed unfurnished apartment on a small complex with a pool in hunters valley. I wonder if anyone knows what amount I should charge and should the renters pay the maintenance charges or not...
  10. Trevor

    older property wanted

    :)Does anyone know of any older more 'turkish' properties for sale in altinkum? I visited sandra (brusandra) in june and fell in love with her place. Ideally I would like to buy one opposite the Peyda Aqua in those little 'streets' there or similar. I have spoken to one agent who said that it...
  11. Trevor

    holiday reads

    Thought I would start this off - what did/are you going to read on your holidays? I read The Davinci code - couldn't put it down and cant wait for the film starring Tom Hanks. Lesley
  12. Trevor

    translation please

    I sort of have the gist of this but one word has flummoxed me - kendine. Can i have a translation please? Ben de seni gormek istiyorum ve bekliyorum kendine iyi bak Lesley:)[:X]
  13. Trevor

    connecting to electric and water

    My friend is moving to Altinkum on 9th May - her agent has been on the phone saying that her tapu will be through about 5 days later but he cant get her leccy and water connected until her tapu is through. I know that some people on the forum were in their places prior to getting their tapu so...
  14. Trevor


    I'm sure they fly over other people to get to me, I get eaten alive. Anyway I found some info on the net and I thought other sufferers may be interested. The mosquito swarms which can be seen in the evening consist of male mosquitos, they don't suck blood. Mosquitos don't move the whole day but...
  15. Trevor

    howay the lads

    :):) Have just been on a website I got from the forum about Turkey and in particular the history of Altinkum and Didim - 'the ancient Didyma town was set around the Apollo Temple etc. etc........... - 'after the earthquake of 1955-56 the government started building modern concrete houses down on...
  16. Trevor

    A song named 'parents'

    My brother was going through a hard time some years ago and of course Mam and Dad supported him through, he's the music man of our family so he wrote them a song. He's no Andrew Lloyd Whebber (or was it Tim Rice) but Mams eyes go misty, Dad coughs a lot and I'm a blubbering wreck every time he...
  17. Trevor

    New keys?

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? I need more keys cut for the top lock of my rental apartment door, these are the keys that are like a long 'tube' barrel with spikes on the end? My agent in Turkey says you can't get them which surprises me as it is a new door, in England we went to a...
  18. Trevor

    infected by the forum......

    Now I don't want you lot to think I've gone soft and that my posts won't be as cutting edge as previously ( Duke even said it was nice to know that I had a sense of humour).;) No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is won't make you cry. Just because someone doesn't love you the...
  19. Trevor

    Taxi Cabs - Altinkum

    Just had one of my renters on the phone - Goldtravel are now saying that they will do transfers along with their flight bookings but they will only drop you in the middle of the resort (Altinkum) - I'm going to gamble that they will take me to my apts as they book holidaymakers into the complex...
  20. Trevor

    Vardeli bank accounts

    Hello everyone, I wonder if anyone can help. I opened a vardeli account at the Is bank in October as did my friends (with a different estate agent helping them)We seem to have the same account - 19% interest paid monthly but we had to pay £400 as a minimum starting deposit and they didn't. They...
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