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    Didim Wifi update

    I signed up with DIDIM WIFI last summer and had them come and install their kit, it's been talked about a fair amount on here, so wanted to give an update. The router they supply is just about adequate, its an old Pirelli DRG A226G ADSL Modem/Router on which they modify one of the LAN ports to...
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    Replace double glazed unit, Didim

    Can anyone recommend a glazier in Didim? I have a double glazed window that needs to be replaced. Prefer someone who speaks English if possible. Thank you.
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    UK phone still active after 60 days

    Can any of the phone geeks understand or explain why my UK phone has not been blocked? I started using an android phone on 10th June 2015 with my Vodafone TR sim and had the usual sms to say that the registration of the IMEI would be closed after 60 days. I went back to the UK just before the...
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    Fake 'Beatspill' Bluetooth speakers

    I bought a couple of these fake dr.dre beatspill speakers from the market in Didim, 80TL for the two. I was in a hurry and forgot to test them first and when I got home and opened the boxes they were both switched on but dead. After charging them both, one works great and lasts about 3 hours...
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    Secondhand phone shop?

    Does anyone know of a secondhand phone shop in Didim? I had a quick walk around but if there was one I missed it. I'm looking for a used smart phone.
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    Bodrum to East Mids for sale

    Flight for sale TCX5627, Bodrum to East Midlands 18th June depart 02:45, includes, 20kg hold luggage and meal, flythomascook. Original price 135 EUR If interested please get in touch, any sensible offer accepted.
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    Calls from 'Private No."

    We get calls on Turkcell mobile from 'Private No', don't answer them as we only use it to take calls from people we know. Does anyone know what a private number on the Turkish network refers too? We also get calls from International nos, (not UK), and don't answer those either, since adopting...
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    DASK 20% discount

    Wasn't sure whether to put this in the Insurance section or here, well in here will find those looking for bargains. If you renew your DASK within 30 days either way of your expiry date on the old one you can get 20% discount on the price of the renewal. I don't know if this is common knowledge...
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    Well done FlyThomasCook

    On my flight over here there was an 'incident' and I think the cabin crew dealt with it very professionally. I was one of the first on board, took my seat and immediately realised there was someone sat right behind who was going to be annoying. A young guy who may have been drinking, who just...
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    Electric meter flashing

    I've just noticed our meter has a red light on the top right corner constantly flashing along with the LCD display, the other 17 or so in our block are behaving normally, just ours has gone mad. If I press the button that shows you the readings for the different tariffs it still flashes, so...
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    Some puns to help brighten up the day...

    Those who jump off a bridge in Paris are in Seine. A man's home is his castle, in a manor of speaking. Dijon vu - the same mustard as before. Practice safe eating - always use condiments. Shotgun wedding - A case of wife or death. A man needs a mistress just to break the monogamy. A...
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    Turkcell Tarıffs

    I've got a Turkcell pay as you go SIM. Having mastered the online systems I've found out I'm on the 'Super Tarife' . It seems I can change tarıffs online but I can't find what each tarıff is and which would be best suited. The options are; Bizbize Aramizda Bizbize Canimin 3u BirFiyat BizBize...
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    Time deposit account, how many days?

    I can't quite get my around these accounts. Could anyone give a summary and let me know which would be the best to go for? I've read most ex-pats go for 30 days, whilst ın Garanti I was told 32 days would be the best to choose. Is there an easy way to decide? Thank you.
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    Can anyone recommend an 'odd job' builder/tiler in Altinkum

    Our top floor apartment has a large space in the side wall off the terrace, around 2m wide by 6m long. I've seen other similar spaces that have had a door put into the terrace wall so this area can be tiled and used for storage. We got a quote from the apartment builders, they wanted £5,000...
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    Builders rate or house rate?

    I've just been reading here and see that some people get put onto the builders (higher) rate when getting the electric meter in their own name, if it's done before the TAPU has been issued. There was some talk from the Emlak at the time that mine was done that a rental contract may have to be...
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    Setup direct debit online for water bill.

    I wonder if anyone has come across this before and can help. I'm using Garanti bank online system to set up my water bill direct debit and where it asks for the Abone number I enter my number say '12345', and then get a message saying that it should be 10 characters. I think I should just...
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