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  1. pepperkat

    Happy Birthday Tess

    A very Happy Birthday to you Tess. I hope that you have a great day, all the best to you
  2. pepperkat

    Article 50 Bill passed

    The Article 50 bill has passed by 498 to 114
  3. pepperkat

    Pete Overend Watts

    Mott the Hoople bassist Pete Overend Watts has died of cancer, at the age of 69.
  4. pepperkat

    Debbie Reynolds dies

    Debbie Reynolds, mother of Carrie Fisher has died a day after her daughter.
  5. pepperkat

    Crude oil in Yorkshire
  6. pepperkat

    Seasons Greetings to one and all.

    Seasons greetings to everyone on TLF. I hope that which ever way you decide to celebrate the day, that everything goes OK. I have all veg prepped, Turkey in oven, table extended, and set, just waiting for the family to arrive. Having a cuppa, and 5minutes peace in readiness.
  7. pepperkat

    Homeless in Bodrum after 22years

    We have sold our Turkish home of 22 years . After suffering several time wasters and shysters we have finally sold our home today. A couple of hectic days dodging around Ortakent between various Beledye offices we have completed the sale. We have had 30 years of coming to Turkey and the Bodrum...
  8. pepperkat

    Radovan Karadzic guilty

    Radovan Karadzic found guilty of war crimes and sentenced to 40 years in jail. I'm not sure that it is the right sentence for such a monster. The horrific things done on his orders to my mind warranted capital punishment.
  9. pepperkat

    RIP George Martin

    It has been announced that George Martin has died aged 90. George produced so much of the music I have enjoyed for years. RIP George thanks for the music.
  10. pepperkat

    RIP Glenn Frey

    RIP to Glenn Frey founder member, lead guitarist of the Eagles. Glenn died at the age of 67. A great guitarist and composer, thanks for the memories Glenn
  11. pepperkat

    RIP Natalie Cole

    RIP Natalie Cole daughter of Nat King Cole died aged 65. Apparently she died of complications health problems, relating to her having a kidney transplant in 2009 after suffering from accute hepatitis.
  12. pepperkat

    All the best for 2016

    To all on TLF,a Happy New year to you all, may your new year be all you hoe for. Bill and Ann
  13. pepperkat

    RIP Lemmy

    RIP Lemmy from Motor Head, died aged 70 after a short battle with cancer
  14. pepperkat

    Seasons Greetings to all.

    To all on TLF Seasons greetings to you all. I hope you all have a happy and peaceful day. And for the coming year I wish each and everyone of you a very Happy, Healthy, and peacefulNew Year. Best wishes everyone, Bill & Ann
  15. pepperkat

    British architect found dead in Yalikavak

    national News - BGNNews A British / Iranian architect found dead in his villa in Yalikavak. He had been dead for 4 days , his dog was sat at his side.
  16. pepperkat

    Cameron does a Gordon Brown

    Posh Dave on a drum bashing gig up in Yorkshire forgot he was miked up and said " We knew Yorkshire people hated everyone else we didn't know they hated each other". Got news for you Davey boy we don't hate each other, or everyone else, only posh Tory exEtonian gobsh1tes .
  17. pepperkat

    Is it April the 1st?

    On the BBC news this morning a report on a Belfast hotel flogging water recovered from icebergs £26.00 for a 70 cl bottle. With a pretentious prat going on about the lingering qualities of taste and bouquet. This surely has to be a joke.
  18. pepperkat

    Cameron reneges on manifesto pledge.

    It hasn't taken Cameron long to start back tracking on his manifesto pledges. The promised £72,000.00 cap on care home funding, has been put on hold until 2020, instead of the 2016 as pledged in the pre election manifesto.
  19. pepperkat

    Well done the lioness's

    Well done to the English women's team 3rd place , but beating the krauts was magic
  20. pepperkat

    FIFA officials arrested

    It's just been announced that six FIFA officials have been arrested on corruption charges. Is Sepp Blatter going to get his long overdue come uppance?
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