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    We have recently had a couple of villas broken in to and a number of us are looking at security systems. Pronet has been recommended by one of our neighbours. Are there any reviews or opinions on this company please ? Tony
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    We are just about to complete the purchase of our house in the Fethiye area and I want to fill the external gas tank. Can anyone recommend who I should contact ? Regards Tony
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    We went house hunting over the weekend and like a property in Seydikemer but this area seems so remote ? There just seems to be nothing there ? What are the opinions of others who know this area ? Regards Tony
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    Turkish Driving Licence

    Hello Guys Is it a requirement to get a Turkish driving licence or do you still use your UK licence ? I have been spot checked several times by police but just show my passport or residency permit which they seem to accept ??? But what is the Turkish law on this ? Tony
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    Complex or Private Villa

    Hello guys when I introduced myself last month I said we were looking at the possible purchase of a villa in the Fethiye area. I am looking for opinions / suggestions on buying in either a complex or private villa. What do you consider the plus and minus of both ? Regards Tony
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    Hello Forum Members

    Hello guys I would like to introduce myself. My name is Tony and I have been living / working in Turkey for the last 7 months. I currently live in Sapanca and work in Akyaz─▒. (company house) We are both 60 in the next few weeks and I am now considering buying a house / villa in the Fethiye...
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