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  1. Fran Dessop

    Sea View Residence Rental

    Do you or anyone you know have a 2 bed apartment for rental in Sea View Residence in Güllük? 2 weeks in July 2016 for a family of three? Any recommendations or links? Thank you Fran
  2. Fran Dessop

    Rainbow water slide

    Can anyone tell me the name of the apartments or hotel which has the rainbow coloured water slide which can be seen to the left of the harbour. Thanks. Its just as you come into the village.
  3. Fran Dessop

    Kıyıkıslacık iasos

    Is there a boat which goes over to the ancient site at Kıyıkıslacık iasos? Or is there a tour bus from the Gulluk bus station or Dolmus office? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. Fran Dessop

    Aquapark Dedeman Bodrum

    Is there an easy way to get our family of 3 from the Dolmus bus station to the Aquapark? I have read that there is a shuttle that travels twice a day, morning & evening. Can anyone help? Can we get a Dolmus over toward Bitez from Bodrum?
  5. Fran Dessop

    Travel Agent & Trips

    Hi, can anyone give advice on what trips are nearby to Gulluk, and how best to access them. Are there trips in Minibuses (not Dolmus)? Is there a travel agent in the village that can help. Don't want to travel by boat, and would rather travel by road. Can anyone help? Thank you Fran
  6. Fran Dessop

    Green Hill

    Does anyone know projected dates for Green Hill being open or up and running?
  7. Fran Dessop


    Okay, out tomorrow. Late arrival, up to Gulluk for shopping... so where and which is the best supermarket? (Me, hubby & 4 year old boy) we are going shopping on Friday. Any suggestions or recommendations?
  8. Fran Dessop

    Oba Beach?

    How are things down there this year? Food, facilities, stuff for kids, bar & food? And how far away from Beach Residence? (Outside Gulluk) Family out this year for first time... trying to get a handle on what's good and what's near etc.
  9. Fran Dessop

    Mosquitoes this season?

    How are the mosquitoes this season? The weather looks very hot... and it looks like getting hotter. Family out in two weeks time, can't wait. Fran
  10. Fran Dessop

    What to take on Holiday - Lira or Pounds (TL or GBP)?

    From the little that I've read on the subject I am getting the impression that our holiday money might be half and half. Meaning, take Turkish Lira to get by for the first few days, but also take Sterling (Pounds) and exchange them on holiday. Could any of you wise travellers and semi-permanent...
  11. Fran Dessop

    £10 Visa Entry Fee?

    Only now starting to read about having a crisp English £10 note per person for Visa entry into Turkey. Is this true?
  12. Fran Dessop

    Beach Residence Gulluk - What's the area like?

    Hello there, me name is Fran and I'm coming to Gulluk this summer. I am hoping one of you lovely people could give me an idea of what's around the Beach Residence which is south of Gulluk. Are there nice beaches there? Any shops in that part of the world? Any photos would be fantastic. Thank you...
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