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    getting a divorce in turkey

    I've not read all the comments on this post,but for those that may need to know, if both parties getting divorced in a Turkish court it now must be carried out as per the divorce & settlement laws of their own country. So if both are British, lived in the UK most of their lives, married in the...

    Car purchase in Turkey

    As the law stands, only vehicles under 8 years old Must have an ''expertise report''. Now you see many of these specialised workshops popping up on industrial estates, with brake rollers & electronic paint thickness testers etc.. As it was a private sale the only recourse he 'may' get is if the...

    Foreign Wedding Certificate

    It has to be Noterised here Charlie.

    Foreign Wedding Certificate

    For Residence Permit [not visa ] applications the marriage licence just needs to be translated & noterised by any Noters office. Apostilling in the country it was issued is not now officially required.

    Question Does anyone know if there are disability equipment stores anywhere in the Muğla region?

    Many chemists [ezcane] sell & hire wheelchairs/crutches etc. If you want more than that,back braces etc i know of one shop in Bodrum, Maya Medical ,she stocks many items & equipment.

    Question Using UK mobile temporarily in Turkey

    Thats waaayyy out of date. Imported phone registration tax for 2021 is 2170tl & will rise on Jan 1st 2022.

    Urgent,Need that link Turkish sitr

    Home Enoch.

    Question Using UK mobile temporarily in Turkey

    The sim will be disconnected at 30 days.It will not be able to top it up after that time.

    Gutted Denied Boarding

    Then in their haste they missed item #2..stating.... This does not apply to: 2..Passengers who hold evidence that they were fully vaccinated against Covid-19 at least 14 days prior to arrival;

    Urgent,Need that link Turkish sitr

    You are asking about entering the UK ? as your question said ''..... only Doubled Vax cert now required for the UK.'', & as yet even Biontech vaccinations administered in Turkey are not recognised by the UK. You will need a PCR test + tests booked for days 2 & 8 & 10 days quarantine on arrival ...

    Help residence permit application help needed

    [DOC] As you're on the Bodrum peninsula, the only one is Evrim in Bodrum town in the stationers shop under the mosque opposite the Bodrum Belediye building.

    Planning to move to Turkey - Seeking Tips

    Just to make you aware as you have Nigerian passports..... Non Property owners, [ie tenants & taahhatname holders]….. applying for a renewal of a TOURISTIC RESIDENCE PERMIT with passports issued from the following countries…United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechia...

    Turkieh mobile phone

    You can still only guarantee an unregistered imported phone to work with a Turkish sim for 90 ish days,but temporarily [during C19]you have 365 days to register the IMEI code before it's permanently blocked. A Turkish phone with UK sim will work in the UK forever.

    Help Passport stamp UK licence

    From the photo that enoch posted above,thats all that is needed to continue to drive here for another 6 months with a foreign licence...simply An Incoming more than that. When i was able to go on the ferry to Kos for a day trip,i don't get a stamp when entering or exiting Kos but i...

    Help Passport stamp UK licence

    Did you log out before deleting the app?.

    Help Passport stamp UK licence

    It depends on the version of your operating system of your device as to whether you can get the latest version of the HES application. If when on the HES home screen & you tap ''my account'' in the bottom right & then see ''add passports'',you can the on the next screen insert your country...

    Info Motoring - Electric Scooters in Turkey

    Just for information ,the part of the Motoring file here regarding the laws for e scooters refers solely to type you see in the photo only ,not the normal 2 & 3 wheeled scooters you sit on.

    New Articles Courtesy of Doc Martin

    Thank you Garry,but may i just make a point here to the TLF members, that some of you reading the articles posted may say ,''i didn't have to show that document'', or ''we don't do it that way in [ province]''... I do stress that this being Turkey, processes differ province to province , office...

    Fully vaccinated in UK, Turkish Health Service calls me for vaccination. Now what?

    I have 2 friends just back from the UK. One has had both injections in the UK with the card as proof. Turkish doctor says she will need to wait for the UK or universal vaccination passport to be issued & apply for that. Another had 1st vaccination in the UK then flew to Turkey & her Doctor here...
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