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    Turkish Language Learners Test-7

    Complete the Turkish sentences 1) I was ill yesterday -------> Ben ... ......... 2) Was she unhappy ? ----> O ..... ..... ? 3) They weren't successful ---> Onlar ........ .......... 4) The method was not new ---> Yöntem .... .......
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    Expressions of Sabah

    Günaydın --> Good morning. Sabah = morning Sabahleyin - morning [ Another way of saying "sabah" ] İyi sabahlar - Have a good morning . Hayırlı sabahlar - Have a good [blessed] morning. Dün sabah - Yesterday morning Ertesi sabah - Next morning Yarın sabah - Tomorrow morning Her...
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    How to ask at a bar/cafe/restaurant

    - Do you have any free tables? ---> Boş masanız var mı ? - Could we have some water? --> Biraz su alabilir miyiz ? - Could we see the menu,please? --> Menüye bakabilir miyiz acaba ? - I /we would like a three cup of coffee. ---> Üç tane kahve istiyorum /istiyoruz. - Do you have...
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    Expressions about weather

    Hava bugün güneşli -------> The weather is sunny today. Hava bugün kapalı ---------> [The weather is closed today] which means " the weather is cloudy today. Hava bugün bulutlu ---------> The weather is cloudy today. Hava bugün rüzgarlı ---------> The weather is windy today. Hava bugün açık...
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    Turkish Language Learners Test-6

    Write the correct form of "time expressions" below : 11 : 30 ---> Saat onbir b.... 10:50 ---> Saat onbir. .. v.. 17: 15 ---> Saat be.. çey... geç.... 20 : 32 ---> Saat yi... ot.. i..
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    Meğer /Meğerse We thought something but later we discover that it was something else. -Ben onu genç sanıyordum meğer yaşlıymış. I thought he/she was young, but I found out that he/she is old. - Ben onun gitti sanıyordum meğerse gitmemiş. I thought he/she had gone, but he/she hadn´t. * The...
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    POSSESSIVE with "s"

    POSSESSIVE with "s" The child´s coat ---> Çocuğun ceketi People´s opinions ---> İnsanların görüşleri My friend´s sister ---> Arkadaşımın kızkardeşi Zehra´s suitcase ----> Zehra´nın valizi My uncle´s condition ---> Amcam[Dayım]´ın durumu Yelda´s Turkish ---> Yelda´nın...
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    Happy women's day

    happy women's day to all women on earth ! Kadınlar Gününüz Kutlu olsun !
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    Alternative Contexts of MIŞ

    In some contexts the "mIş " has function that is "Surprise !" Aaa Zeynep gelmiş ! ---> Ah look Zeyneb is here too ! . [ Look ! Zeyneb also came ! ] Aaa kim gelmiş ! --> Hey who is here ! Aaa bak , baklava da varmış ! --> Ah look we have also baklava ! [ Look ! there is also baklava !] Aman...
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    Turkish quiz

    Which word pair is NOT opposite to eachother. A. Sıcak - Soğuk B. İhtiyar - Genç C. Aşağı - Yukarı D. Güz - Sonbahar
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    Melİ -mali

    Must The best counterpart in Turkish for the meaning of necessity that is given with 'must' in English is the suffix '-meli'. The skeleton for using a verb with this suffix is as follows: verb-meli-to be I must go --> git-meli-im --> gitmeliyim (note the use of the fusion consonant...
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    Economic Aspect of Turkish Language

    Turkish is an economic language as well. Long statements can be expressed with less words in Turkish because of attached suffixes. It saves us from using more words. For example ; This expression in Turkish ; " Ankara´ya gitmemeliydiniz. " is expressed with 7 separate words both in...
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    Temel Joke, in Turkish /English

    IN TURKISH Temel ile dursun futbolcuymuş. Bir gün sohbet ederken temel sormuş: - La dursun öbür dünya da futbol varmıdır ? Dursun: - La bende bilmeyrum. Kim önce ölürse ötekine mektup yazsın. ve dursun ölmüş. Temele mektup gelmiş: - La temel saa bir eyi bide kötü haberim var eyisi burda futbol...
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    Türk ---> [person] Turk Türkçe ---> Turkish language Türklük ---> Turkishness Türk çayı ---> Turkish tea Türkiyeli --> A person who is from Turkey Türkçülük ---> Turkishism Türkleşmek ---> To become Turk Türkleşiyorsun ---> I am becoming [like]a Turk. Türkleştirmek ----> To make...
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    Turkish Language Learners Test-5

    Complete the sentences with appropriate words or suffixes. 1. Yarın sen. görme.. gel…… ---> I will come to see you tomorrow. 2. O ülke.. vize… git……. ----> You can´t go to that country without a visa. 3. Dil …….. için kulla….. ----> Language is...
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    Imperatives The simplest way to form a command is to use the verb without the ,infinitive -MEK suffix: Buraya gel. Come here. Bana bir kahve getir. Bring me a coffee. Aç---> [Ach] Open. However, this is not the formal way of asking something to be done, neither is it very polite It is use'd...
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    Some expressions formed with ´gibi´

    Some expressions formed with ´gibi´ Badem gibi [ like almond ] is used to describe fresh and crispy cucumber . Artist gibi [ like an Artist ] is used to describe someone who is good looking. Artist gibisin ! Aslan gibi [ like a lion ] is used to describe a man who is...
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    GELİNCİK The name " Gelincik [Poppy] " is another beauty of Turkish. There is a reason why this name given to this beautiful red flower. This is derived of one of the oldest name in Turkish ---> "Gelin " = Bride The diminutive suffix [cik] is attached onto it. -- > Gelin + cik =...
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    Some slang words/expressions

    Some slang words Tüymek - to leg it [ to run away ] Beni görünce tüydü --> He legged it when he saw me. He run away when he saw me. ===================== beleş - free [ something you get free, without working for it. ] its not very...
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    Some greetings and basic phrases

    Some greetings and basic phrases The following list of commonly used greetings and basic phrases may be helpful for you. Günaydln. Good morning. İyi akşamlar. Good evening. iyi geceler. Good night. There is no set expression for 'good afternoon~ but you can say: iyi günler. Good day(s)...
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