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    Dolphin Sitesi

    Anybody know the whereabouts of Dolphin Sitesi in Koyunbaba? i.e. exact location, etc Thanks
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    ING Bank Kusadasi

    Hello, I am trying to find an English speaking email contact for the ING bank down on the front,any help would be appreciated. I'm looking to transfer some money back to the UK. Many thanks
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    Sunlight Homes

    Hello, Anybody got any information on theses apartments in Gumusluk, location, site condition etc, any info would be most welcome. Thanks in advance...
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    European Roaming in Turkey

    Anybody tried searching for a Greek phone signal whilst in Turkey and using your European roaming charges, I managed to get Vodafone GR whilst in Yalikavak earlier this year but I couldn't get 3G.
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    Marmaris Coach Trip

    Hi, My 19 year old son has got the opportunity to go to Icmeler with his grandparents for the last two weeks of June and then join me and the rest of the family for a further three weeks in Yalikavak. My question is, does anybody know the coach times & prices etc from Marmaris to Bodrum, is it...
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    Bus Times to Yali

    Hi, Anyone know the current bus times from 'Hillview Gardens' or is it known as 'Yalikavak Gardens' now and what time does it leave the bus terminus at Gumuskaya. Thanks
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    Two Bedroom Duplex For Sale in Yalikavak

    Two Bedroom Villa For Sale in Yalikavak Two Bedroom,Two Bathroom Villa with Superb Sea views,Recently Decorated Both Inside & Out, All New White Goods & Air Conditioning Fitted in 2012. Ground Floor; Large Lounge/Dining Kitchen, Fridge Freezer, Washing Machine, Balcony. Downstairs...
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    Cheapest in Turkey?

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    ING Banking Login Problems

    Hi, Anybody having problems logging on to the Turkish ING bank or is it me, I put in my 7 digit user code (all numbers) followed by my PIN which is made up of 6letters and 4 numbers, but it won't allow me to put more than 8 digits in, therefore I can't complete my login. Any advice would be...
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    Apple Facetime

    Anybody had any experience of using apple facetime from Turkey back to the UK, my son is currently in Marmaris and tried to use it through wifi and for some reason it does not work. Any suggestions please..
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    Bathroom Scales

    Is there anywhere around Yali/Bodrum you can buy scales (the type you stand on) preferably with llb/stones. For some reason my wife wants to keep an eye on her weight whilst on holiday...must be mad. Thanks
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    Would you still go to Turkey if....

    there was a total Alcohol ban?
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    White Paint

    Hello, Could someone please tell me the name (in Turkish)of White Gloss and Undercoat paint, need to buy some next week... Thanks
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    Where to stay in Izmir

    I will be visiting Ikea at the end of November and would appreciate a recommendation for a hotel somewhere in Izmir, I am only staying one night so need somewhere handy for a few bars restaurants etc. Thanks
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    Happy Days

    Was it only a couple of months ago; roll on next summer..
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    Lost Property

    Is there such a thing in Yali? I lost my camera on Monday night, think I left it on the last bus home (Hillside Gardens bus at 1am), asked several times at the bus station but nothing handed in..
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    Bodrum to Marmaris

    I am going to visit my son who is on holiday in Marmaris, staying over for one night, anybody done this drive, what are the roads like, any motorways go that way. I know routeplanner says about 110 miles and 3 hours.... Thanks
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    Which is Cheapest?

    Looking to buy some JD, which is best place to get it, duty free at English airport or the shop at baggage reclaim (Bodrum).
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    Dongle Thingy

    I know this has been covered before, but, I can't find the thread, I am taking my laptop on holiday with me and would like to know what is the best/cheapest method for internet access whilst away from wifi. Thanks
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    Instructions for Altus washing machine AL161E

    Could anybody please help, I am looking for English operating instructions for an Altus washing machine AL161E. Thanks
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