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    Sending luggage home

    I realise that like most subjects, this one must have been covered extensively, but I'm not very clever when it comes to using websites (I blame old age) so apologies for raising the question again. We recently sold our abode here in Fethiye and now have 5 suitcases which we wish to send to the...
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    Health Insurance

    I'm sure this question has been asked and answered before but things change rapidly in Turkey so I ask it again and w'd be grateful for any guidance. We are in our 60s and recently bought a place in Fethiye. Only time w'd prove whether this was a good or horrible decision. So far, so good(ish)...
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    Honest Estate Agent

    Oxymoron? Perhaps but, I'm after as an honest an estate agent as I can get in Fethiye to help us sell our apartment for us. Can anyone help, pls.? Estate agents need not reply.
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    Electric immersion tank heater

    At the outset, Let me explain at the very outset that English is not my first language and therefore, please forgive the inevitable grammatical mistakes. Recently, we purchased an apartment which has three separate bathrooms. I believe the method used to heat up the water enabling one to take...
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    Driving to Turkey

    Hello from rainy, windy and cold England. :19: Made enquiries with a shipping company which was recommended on this site about shipping my e-bike from England to Turkey. The quote was over £1,700 because of a number of factors including that as an ebike it cannot be transported by air. Last...
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    Pilates & Yoga

    Hi. Looking for yoga and pilates classes for the remaining months of the year. Does anyone know of any such classes in Fethiye, pls.?
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    Why do men feel the need to walk around shirtless?

    Why do Western European men like to walk around town shirtless? It's not only ugly but also embarrassing for some onlookers too. It should be banned.
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    Chinese/Oriental Supermarket

    Anyone knows of an Oriental/Chinese supermarket in or around Antalya? We live in Fethiye and there doesn't seem to be any Oriental supermarkets nearby. Thank you.
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    Traffic Accidents in Turkey - What to do?

    Having now driven in Turkey for a few weeks, it's become clear than sooner or later I am likely to be involved in an accident. So, in anticipation of this awful but I'm afraid, very likely event, what should I as the driver do or don't? I might add that the car would be a rented car. I...
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    Chinese/Oriental Supermarket

    Love my Chinese/Oriental food even though we'll be eating home made Turkish/ Western food most of the time. Anyone knows of one in Fethiye or nearby towns? Prepared to travel up 100 miles, if necessary to buy ingredients. Alternatively, would like to know if there are any shops stocking such...
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    Hi everyone, A new member who has just bought a place in the beautiful town of Fethiye. As our apartment is on the 3rd floor, I need a place to store my bicycle(s). Are there any storage facilities in and around Fathiye, pls.?
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