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  1. Minajayne

    2011 world tragedies in pictures..

    This is just a small percentage of things that have happened to the world in 2011...some amazing photography. Enjoy the festivites but spare a thought..... January: Brazil floods and landslides - 2011 in pictures: tragedy - MSN UK News
  2. Minajayne

    Coconut dessert recipe wanted

    We visited friends out of town a few weeks ago and they made a beautiful dessert that i would like to make..but i dont know what it was called. It was served sliced, and was a white base (sort of blancmange texture) with coconut sprinkled on top. Any ideas..?
  3. Minajayne

    Things kids say..

    Thought this might put a smile on everyones face (it did me, despite my tonsilitis).. After breakfast this morning my husband said 'Elhamdulillah' (thanks to Allah),and waited for the boys to follow lead. As usual my 5 year old said it and jumped up to wash his hands, but my 3 yr old sat for a...
  4. Minajayne

    Printer deleting WIFI - help

    Hi, need some advice as my printer is being naughty..! Have installed a HP printer onto my laptop, however, each time i use it...the printer driver deletes the WIFI driver. I then have to reinstall the WIFI. Any suggestions how to avoid/ammend this gratefully received. Mina
  5. Minajayne

    Geely - reviews please

    Although i would love to have the cash to buy myself a Merc as a second car for the school run etc....i have yet to win the lotto. Have come across this make (Geely) and wondered if anyone has any reviews or experience with them. Havent seen any around Bodrum, the second hand ones seem to be...
  6. Minajayne

    Fatal stabbing in Turgutreis

    Has anyone heard about a fatal stabbing behind Carrefour last night. One of my Turkish neighbours told me about it, quite graphically (!), and it sounded horrific and brutal.
  7. Minajayne

    Root canal on a toddler..?

    Am hoping someone here is/was a dentist..or may have some experience. My 4 year old had a small area of rotten tooth and we saw the dentist (in Turgutreis) straight away. She picked out the rotten tooth and put a temp filling in. This fell out after a week and now, some 3 months later, he was...
  8. Minajayne

    Kids want custard..!

    I never miss anything foodwise from the UK, but after the recent cooler weather the kids are asking for custard - does anyone know anywhere in or around Bodrum that stocks imported foodstuffs like this? Thanks
  9. Minajayne

    Coffee Maker advice please..

    I think i'd like to buy a coffee imagining my kitchen would be like Starbucks. Are they really any good...whats the price range (in Turkey)...and how much is the filter coffee. I'm looking for one that does frothy things and other tricks (!). I've always been a tea drinker but since...
  10. Minajayne

    Essex Police 'chase' - classic..!

    Cant imagine anyone driving this slowly in Turkey.....the roundabout....oh yeah...daily! Pensioner led police on 27 mile chase at 10mph - Telegraph
  11. Minajayne

    Toddler hit by car

    Heard today that a small child was fatally hit by a car on Bar street in T'reis earlier in the week. The person i spoke to only knew that it was a local family. Terrible tradegy and one that serves to remind us these things can happen to anyone at anytime. It just takes a second for a little...
  12. Minajayne

    Wanted - childrens books

    I'm looking for some English childrens books for my sons (age 3 and nearly 5). Happy to buy second hand if anyone is selling in the Turgutreis or surrounding areas. Does anyone know of anywhere selling English childrens books? I've looked at postage from the UK (i.e. via e-bay etc) but its so...
  13. Minajayne

    December Flights to UK

    We need to visit the UK this winter and was wondering who you all fly with out of season...better still, if anyone has a spare 10 mins could you get me some quotes. I've looked at skyscanner and got THY and Pegasus for around £580 - can anyone do any better? Details: 2 adults, 2 toddlers (age...
  14. Minajayne

    Something like cottage cheese...

    A neighbour made something ( i cant remember the name) and dropped it in for the kids. We all loved it...and although i asked her how she made attention span was more focussed on the kids painting each other with felt pens and the baby crying...! It looked and tasted like cottage...
  15. Minajayne

    LG laptop (netbook) - English keyboard

    For sale: LG X110 10-inch Netbook, Intel Atom, 1.6GHz, 1gb ram, 160GB, Windows XP Home. White. See link for specification: LG X110 Review Hardly used - excellent condition. Charger included. Brought over from the UK last year...selling as we each have laptops and dont use this (also known...
  16. Minajayne

    Hit & Run - Gumbet

    Would like to hear from anyone who witnessed a hit and run in Gumbet on Wednesday night, outside Burger King. My niece and her friends are staying in Gumbet for a week. They were just going to get some food when she was hit, head on, by a fast car. The roads in Gumbet are narrow and...
  17. Minajayne

    Romantic Squirrels

    Sorry, couldnt resist posting this...
  18. Minajayne

    Microchip to monitor tumours..

    More advancement in Medical 'technology'. Well done to those involved. BBC News - Microchip implant monitors tumour growth
  19. Minajayne

    Sexual Assault on child - Watford

    Not looking for comments - am sure we would all agree this is terrible and disgusting, but just wanted to post a link re: this story. My family live on the outskirts of Watford, and my sister and 3 year old neice are always out shopping in the Harlequin - so this felt a bit 'close'. We have so...
  20. Minajayne

    Apricot jam

    Just made some Apricot jam (my first jam making session), and its delicious. Such an easy recipe: 500g Apricots (washed, stoned and halved) 2 cups of sugar (approx 400g) 1 tbsp lemon juice Layer fruit and sugar in heavy based pan overnight. In the morning put a small plate in the freezer(!)...
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