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  1. mamish

    Recommended vet in Dalyan

    We've heard that there is a very good vet in Dalyan who has done some training in Germany and also services Ekincik. Can anyone offer information? Many thanks.
  2. mamish

    Help! Windows blue screen

    I have a Surface Go with Windows 10, bought in UK and set up last August. Yesterday I did a system restore as an app was playing up, and the computer didn't come out of it. I get a blue screen with error code 0xc00021a and various options to try and repair. However, I've tried all the options -...
  3. mamish

    Sterling transfers and ATM withdrawals

    Is it just me or is anyone else having problems transferring GBP from a UK account to a GBP account in Turkey? Both HSBC and Transferwise will only deliver the money in TL. HSBC also seems to have stopped delivering Sterling from their ATMs - even using a UK HSBC card - and others will only...
  4. mamish

    Scam email

    Just received this email. It comes from this address: nore-ply "Good day, I do not presume to judge anyone, but as a result of several cases, we have touchpoint since now. I do not think that caress oneself is very ill, but when all your acquaintances see...
  5. mamish


    EXHIBITION OF PAINTINGS BY SARA ALLAN Sara Allan Sara has regularly exhibited in London and New York, but this is her first exhibition in Turkey, to be held in Kalkan (sorry, not Koycegiz as previously posted) . George Melley said of her work, "From a tangle of lines, executed at great speed...
  6. mamish

    Internet alternatives Koycegiz

    We changed to koycegiznet 3 weeks ago and are finding it difficult to get a good connection. We've spent 4 days without being able to connect at all and the rest of the time, particularly evening, with a speed so slow (less than 1mbps at times) that it's not worth using! And it's impossible...
  7. mamish

    Turkey summons German envoy over tv song

    I'm posting the Hurriyet link and I'll leave you all to check out the video for yourselves as I'm nervous to post it! :behindsof Turkey summons German envoy over 'anti-Erdo?an' TV song - DIPLOMACY
  8. mamish

    Erdogan's son escapes from Rome??

    This has been picked up by all sorts of little news agencies on the web - all copying each other - but there is nothing on the source site, Rai News 24, that I can see to back it up. True or not?? Rome?s Police spokesman: Saudi embassy helped Erdo?an?s son to escape the police custody; using a...
  9. mamish

    Illegal construction - equal treatment?

    So, one is ordered to be demolished. What about the other one? And if it's not, does that give grounds for challenging demolition orders on all "illegal" construction?? 'Illegal' construction of Reza Zarrab to be demolished - CRIME Construction of presidential palace unlawful: Turkey's top...
  10. mamish

    This computer is definitely dead!

    Enraged US man shoots his malfunctioning computer - BBC News I can totally understand why! :36le:
  11. mamish

    Double bike pannier for sale

    Double bike pannier made of waterproof polyester. 42 litre capacity. Size: 37 x 36 x 16 cm (x2) New condition. Purchased 8.12.2014. From Holland. Brand: New Looxs Merano Double 325. Sand colour. TL100. This one is spare - we have two and are keeping one. Koycegiz or Dogusbelen collection.
  12. mamish

    Superfish on Lenovo computers

    Just had an alert pop up from AVG about software pre-installed on Lenovo computers. "Superfish is a piece of software that Lenovo has admitted to pre-installing on many of its laptops to "enhance the shopping experience" of its users. However, the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team calls...
  13. mamish

    Snowing in Dogusbelen!

    We have steady snow for the last half hour or so and the sky looks full of it!
  14. mamish

    WOW! meeting 21 February, 11am to 1pm

    At the next WOW! meeting we're going to be looking at the colour energy of your name and the chakra development it represents. From this you can gain insight into your soul lesson in this lifetime, what experience you have gained in previous lifetimes that will help you on your journey, and...
  15. mamish

    Coffee and cakes in Koycegiz!

    News for Koycegiz, Dogusbelen, and around - a brand new coffee shop (Hay-at) has just opened on the main road between Toparlar and Dogusbelen. They have a proper coffee machine and delicious cakes - good break point for the cyclists and bikers! It's on the right hand side just after the...
  16. mamish

    WOW! meeting 17 January

    Next WOW! meeting is Saturday 17 January, 11am to 1pm, Dogusbelen near Koycegiz. We're going to be discussing the moon - magic, myths, science and spells. The moon may or may not influence plant, animal and human behaviour. There are as many studies "confirming" its effects as there are...
  17. mamish

    Santa Claus and the Magic Mushrooms

    Perhaps we should replace the turkey with mushrooms! :43: Santa Claus and the Magic Mushrooms :50:
  18. mamish

    It's WOW! time again...

    Next WOW! (Women of the World) meeting is Saturday 6 December, 11am to 1pm. And this time it's all about magic, and its use of spells, charms, ritual and ceremony. Yesterday’s magic is today’s science. Today's magic may be tomorrow's science! Spells, charms, ritual and ceremony are part of...
  19. mamish

    Female friendly?

    150 million TL to build a "female friendly mosque" Istanbul?s giant mosque to be ?women-friendly,? architects say - LOCAL How about spending it on a "female friendly" justice system? Harasser becomes the harassed in Turkish justice - MEL?S ALPHAN Such hypocrisy! My heart is hurting...
  20. mamish

    WOW! Women of the World in Koycegiz

    Next WOW! meeting is Saturday 8 November 11am to 1pm in Dogusbelen, near Koycegiz. We're going to be doing some experiments to explore our "sixth sense", and to see how sensitive we are to energies, how intuitive we are, and how we can pick up information by extrasensory means. I have a few...
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