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    property wanted for rent

    hi everyone i am looking to rent a place in and around bosphurs istanbul from the 8th to the 22nd of the same month. please pm if you or someone you know can help thanks
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    new kitchen

    hello all i am planning to have a new kitchen cabinet fitted this summer. i have not managed to find a decent place in and around didim. am i wasting my time looking around in didim area? should i be looking farther out ? please help
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    c,omon arsenal

    2-0 arsenal is my prediction
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    discount code

    does anyone have the discount code for easy jet for travel to turkey please very much appreciated.
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    visiting konya

    i will be visiting konya next week for 4 days. i was just wondering if apart from the usual mosques and museums there are any other interesting places that i should be looking out for. any tips on dos and don,ts is most appreciated.
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    uk phone-turkish sim

    I was under the impression that you could use your uk phone with a turkish sim card for up to six months before you get disconnected.but, recently i have read on this forum that it is 30 days and only just now has been extended to 60 days. also i want to know if i bring the uk phone into turkey...
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    passport delivery

    having waited for three weeks for my new passport i have today received a letter from dx ,the carriers used by the passport office, that their attempt to deliver my passport failed which is a blatant lie as they have never attempted to deliver the passport.they have then asked to go to their...
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    curent account

    are there any banks in turkey that don,t charge you for current account. i am currently with hsbc but they charge about 11tl per month.given that i don,t use the bank very much (maybe once every two years)i think it is a bit too much to pay.but i need a bank account in case i need to make a...
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    they have been holding talks for over 18 years since revelation of iran,s nuclear programme they are still very optimistic that these talks could get somewhere. i think we can all be sure now that where these talks will get them.
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    Can insurance in Turkey

    when you insure a uk car in turkey do you have to name all the drivers or anyone with the licence can drive the car?
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    toll charges

    if i travel to turkey by car from uk where do i have to pay the toll charges? in the old days when i rented car i bought a skg card which i scanned as i went in and out of the motor that skg card is no longer in use what should i be using and where can i buy a similar card as i am...
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    Osborne is not telling us

    George Osborne hassaid he is going to make £12b budget cut next year after the election. He is not going to tell us where he is going to make the cuts. He just wants us to vote for his party and we will find out later. hushhhhh don,t tell anyone
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    car insurance in Turkey for foreign car

    i am bringing my car from uk to turkey can i buy a comprehensive car insurance at the border? what does fully comprehensive insurance in turkey cover? do they actually pay up ?or they mess you about?can i choose who i insure my car with at the border?can i insure it from uk? how much does it...
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    may i first ask the moderator to add ferries to the this thread as well as the planes and trains and now to business i had planned to travel to turkey via bari-igoumenista down to gallipoli then canakkale and onward but i checked the ferry prices and it was 270 euros one way for a car and two...
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    Train from Ankara to Konya

    hello everyone i am planning to fly out to ankara from uk and then take the train to konya how far is the train station from the airport? is it a bus ride? a walking distance(i travel light) or do i have to take a taxi? thanks
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    are there any flights direct from either bodrum or izmir to konya? i have searched two or three airlines but none had direct flights. the indirect flight takes about 4hrs and that is if they are on time. would i be better off taking the bus?
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    Turkish company search

    is there a turkish equivalent of the company house like that in the uk? i want to check the credentials of a company in turkey which i am going to deal with(non property related).is there a web site i can go to in order to see the performance of that company and check it,s profile. many thanks
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    "A Christmas Ghost Story" by Thomas Hardy

    South of the Line, inland from far Durban, A mouldering soldier lies--your countryman. Awry and doubled up are his gray bones, And on the breeze his puzzled phantom moans Nightly to clear Canopus: "I would know By whom and when the All-Earth-gladdening Law Of Peace, brought in by that Man...
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    5+1 talks

    the 5+1 nuclear talks with iran ended today with as expected no progress at all.Instead they have extended the deadline for a full agreement for another seven months or until such time that iran makes a nuclear bomb and drops it in the centre of London?When are these idiots going to learn that...
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    complex maintanance

    there are some people in our complex including myself who are not happy with our maintenance company but also not find the other companies very attractive we proposed self management to the committee but they are arguing that the task of employing someone by ourselves for security and...
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