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    Covid-19 vaccine for Turkey

    Has anyone seen any information regarding a Covid-19 vaccine for Turkish residents? David
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    Road Tax Matters

    I have been trying to pay the second installment of my road tax, using the normal online interactive site, but it is accepting my inputs without problems, but coming up with zero debt stated, and 00 tl in the total column. When I intentionally put an incorrect plaka number in, it stated an...
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    Dry walling sheet

    Does anyone know if dry walling sheets are available in Turkey? Dry walling would work better for a current job rather than bricks or blocks, my normal choice. David
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    Vinn top up

    Has anyone been successful in topping up a turkcell VINN using the turkcell web site? After putting in the GMS number, selecting a TL amount (95 TL), credit card details, doing the 3D security procedure, getting confirmation, then a receipt from the bank, a message comes up saying you can't use...
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    Facebook translation

    About a week ago, the button allowing translations of posts was removed. Going through the settings showed everything was correct. Facebook's own help site is as much use as a chocolate fire guard, numerous people complaining about the same thing, but if you click on answers it brings you to...
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    Free e-books

    Does anyone know a site offering free downloadable ebooks? Burgomeister used to be excellent until they ceased operations. They were superseded by via, also excellent, but now this does not seem to be working. Is anyone else able to currently access, or know of...
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    Glass block wall

    About 7 years ago I built a glass block wall in the bathroom. I think the supplier recommended a 50:50 mix of Fugaflex and Fuga standard to cement the blocks together. This worked well, and the wall is still standing. I am now about to build another similar wall. The problem is, I had...
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    Topping up a Turkcell VINN

    Up to now I have always topped up my Turkcell Vinn online via Garanti bank. Quick and easy with a good range of prices and durations - e.g. 2 weeks for holidays, 3 months in the winter as a back-up for frequent loss of service from Turk Telekom. Today, Garanti were only offering 1 week for 20...
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    Kat irtifaki, kat mulkiyeti

    Our tapu, for a villa in Selimiye, does not include the tick boxes for kat irtifaki and kat mulkiyeti. The tapu includes the house description, and we have water, electricity, and phone registered to this address, and we own the house and land. Kat irtifaki and kat mulkiyeti are explained as...
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    How to get an e-devlet sifre

    Does anyone know the procedure for getting an e-devlet sifre via an on-line bank account? Some friends want to utilise the iskan amnesty, but although thy have kimlik numbers, they do not have ikamets, so they cannot get a sifre from the PTT. According to online information, sifreler can also...
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    Turk Telekom bankrupt?

    We have been waiting 5 weeks to get our telephone line repaired and have just seen a post on facebook that Turk Telekom is bankrupt. Does anyone have any news on this? David
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    Roof Rack Regulations

    I was stopped at a routine Jandarma traffic checkpoint when carrying some planks on a roofrack, On seeing the loaded roof rack the Jandarme immediately said “problem” and called his boss over, who also said “problem”. I was then issued with a ticket for 95 TL. (25% reduction if paid in 15...
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    Burgomeister defunct?

    Attempting to log on to gets a message saying this domain has expired. Does anyone know if it has resurrected under a different name? It used to be an excellent source of books for Kindles. David
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    Preservative for wood external door

    Please does anyone know of a preservative stain for external woodwork, in my case a depot door, available in Turkey. I'm looking for something on the lines of Ronseal Woodl Total Preservative, which protects against rot and also wood worm, but does not seem to be available in Turkey. I want...
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    How to stealthify port 1050 on a current airties router

    For some reason, airties routers come as standard with port 1050 open, which is a fairly serious security problem. With earlier routers it was easy to stealthify this port by going to "management" then disabling "TR-069". This option is no longer present on my current modem, an airties 5453. I...
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    Can't log on to ttmail email account.

    Is anyone else having problems logging on to ttmail email accounts? Jan's account stopped working 2 days ago, attempts to log on resulted in an incorrect password message - it wasn't, her password was saved on 5 different devices, and all failed to log in at the same time. Today, my account...
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    Steel front doors

    Can anyone give me any advice on residential front doors? Our present door is quite a good quality PVC door, but looks, well, plastic, - probably because it is plastic. We would ideally like a traditional wooden door, but a south facing door in the Turkish climate guarantees shrinking and...
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    Strange Happenings on TTnet

    About 3 months ago, we lost ADSL and Internet. After a few hours it hadn’t come back so I rang the TTnet service number. This is 444 0375, and after you are connected, you dial 99 for English. While dialling the 99 I noticed the ADSL light on my router had changed from flashing to steady...
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    Has Our Lemon Tree Gone Rogue

    Five years ago we planted a lemon tree between an existing orange tree (healthy but oranges so bitter they were unusable) and another lemon tree (healthy, good fruit). Until last September the new tree grew normally and gave a steadily increasing crop of nice lemons. But, the crop from this...
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    Isn’t technology wonderful!

    We used to have desktop computers for serious work in comfort, laptop computers for fairly serious work where portability was needed, tablets where space and weight were severely limited, and mobile phones where you need a pocketable device. So far so good. Then along came texting. This...
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