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  1. Philogic

    State of emergency in Turkey

    So what's it really like out there now, or are you not allowed to say? Where are they holding the thousands of people who have been arrested? Not in my apartment I hope😁. We are all concerned but I've not seen anything definately on here. Are the bars open, are there any tourists, I've read that...
  2. Philogic

    Ladies bike and tv wanted

    Ladies bike and flat screen TV wanted in Side/Manavgat area.
  3. Philogic

    EU Turkey Visa Liberalisation

    I see there are plans to liberalise visa's for Turkish citizens to visit EU countries, including the UK, as part of the deal to restrict refugees from leaving Turkey. (Hope I got that right). Does this mean that Turkey will reciprocate and allow EU/UK citizens more freedom? Would the 90/180 day...
  4. Philogic

    Thomas Cook, Cardiff to Antalya

    Last week I could get a flight from Cardiff to Antalya in June for around £150. Today there are no flights available from Cardiff to Antalya for the entire season.Why do TC make it so difficult to ask a question? How do I get the timetables? Does anyone from TC read this forum? Does anyone have...
  5. Philogic

    G20 Road Closure

    I have been told by a leading transfer company that the Serik to Antalya road will be closed during the G20 Summit in Belek. This will add hours to transfers to and from the airport. Better check it out!
  6. Philogic

    TV set cost in Turkey?

    Anyone tell me what the cost of a (about) 19 inch TV is. I see they are about £100 in Argos so if they are much more expensive in Turkey might be worth bringing one out if that is legal?
  7. Philogic

    Election consequences?

    So, what will it mean to us, the ex pats, visitors and tourists? Will there be major changes? I see the Lira has just gone up against the pound again. And what about important things, will my barber be charging more? Will the price of Efes go up?😇😨
  8. Philogic

    evisa cost

    I completed my 4 mates e visa's for them using my card and charged them £13. Since seeing my bank statement it is actually just over £15😨
  9. Philogic

    Annoying Mexican? cartoon thing.

    Why do you have that stupid cartoon thing when you've not signed in. I can only be bothered to sign in when I want to post, not when I want a quick brouse through!
  10. Philogic

    Turkish E-visa problems again

    I cannot get past 'I have an ongoing application' or 'Save and continue' This is my second evisa so is it an ongoing application or a new one. nothing is happening, I've tried my laptop and my smart phone. Any ideas?
  11. Philogic

    Million Pound Prize.

    All you have to do is spot a driver NOT on a phone. Just send his vehicle registration number to the following Nigerian phone number.....0853@#$^&.o
  12. Philogic

    passport control

    Another rant, my wife just took over 30 minutes to get through Antalya Airport. What are they playing at.
  13. Philogic

    What's happened to Side

    Overflowing rubbish bins everywhere, no Zabita patrolling the beach walkway, dogs and cyclists taken over where they are not allowed. Is it because Manavgat Council (Belisomething) have gone beliup after taking over from Side.
  14. Philogic

    Problem with evisa application

    I am trying to apply for an evisa for my wife, after entering the country of origin [UK] and passport type, the security check comes up with 'I have an ongoing application' and 'Save and continue' then nothing happens! I dont have an ongoing application or what should I save and continue????
  15. Philogic

    Sunbird Hotel

    Hi all, Angela tells me they have demolished the Sunbird Hotel, which was adjoining Wellies former bar. Anyone got any up to date information on what's happening. Ann? Grant? Anyone?
  16. Philogic

    Hammerite paint

    Can I get this in Side or Manavgat? Or its Turkish equivalent.
  17. Philogic

    Turkish Visit Visa countback

    I have read that your number of days in Turkey is now dependant on a countback from the date you left Turkey???? What does that mean? I can count up to 90 and even 180 and I can also add up various days and weeks. If you don't exceed 90 days within the 180 day period, surely that is Ok? If it's...
  18. Philogic

    Mobile Phones Yet Again!

    Hi all, I have been having a conversation [by email] with the editor of the KalkanTurkish Local News who insists that you must be a resident [with Ikamet book] to be able to register a mobile phone in Turkey. I did register my old phone about 2 years ago but does anyone know if the law has...
  19. Philogic

    Antalya Airport

    Just flew back from Antalya Airport and was disappointed to find prices higher than ever, an Efes is 15.50 Lira, about £5.60, even in London airports its 'only' £4. They are just taking advantage of the captive audience, does anyone know what the outside bar charges? as you could go back outside...
  20. Philogic

    Alanya Rip Off

    Friends of mine have just returned from a cruise in the Med, one calling point was Alanya where they got charged 28 Euros for 4 Efes. This was within walking distance of docking point.I did tell them how nice Alanya was but this does nothing to encourage tourists. They didn't complain as they...
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