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  1. Lindacm

    Apartment holiday let

    Hi, Can anyone help? I'm looking for an apartment to rent in Calis, for 2 weeks from 5th May and 4-5 weeks in mid-August Oct next year. It's only for 1 person, so nothing expensive. I am currently in Calis and will be here until Thurs 23rd Nov. If anyone has something that might suit, please...
  2. Lindacm

    Holiday Apartment Wanted on Botanic Gardens

    Does anyone have a reasonable priced holiday apartment, on Botanic Gardens (or similar)? It's just for one person and I would be looking for 24th Oct-2nd Nov. Botanic would be good, but willing to consider anything that would be within walking distance to town. Please p.m me if anyone has...
  3. Lindacm

    Holiday Let Required

    Holiday Let Required Fethiye/Calis/Dalaman I'm looking for an apartment for 7-10 days, at a reasonable price. Very clean and tidy mature lady, non driver, so would need to be within walking distance of town. Would prefer Calis/Fethiye, but would also consider Dalaman. If you have anything...
  4. Lindacm

    Holiday Apartment Wanted

    Coming to Dalaman sometime during May and I am looking for an apartment to rent for 10-14 days. It will only be for 1 person, so looking for something reasonable. Would also consider Calis and Fethiye. All must be walking distance to town, as I wont have a car. Thanks, Linda
  5. Lindacm

    Easy Jet Baggage Rant!

    Booked tickets with EasyJet last year, but didn't book luggage at the time...not sure if we want one or two suitcases! Just gone on-line to book baggage for our end of April flight, to find they now want to charge us £53 per bag. If I were to book a new flight today, the same bag would cost me...
  6. Lindacm

    Apartment for holiday

    Hi, Does anyone have an apartment to rent (reasonable rent please)in Calis, or would consider Fethiye for 23rd April-11th May? It's for 2 people for the first week and 1 person thereafter. If anyone can help, please would you pm me? Thanks, Linda
  7. Lindacm

    Holiday Rental Wanted

    Does anyone have an apartment for rent on the Botanic Gardens from 23rd April to 11th May? It would be for 2 people for a week, then just 1 person thereafter. Would consider elsewhere in Dalaman, as long as it's not too far out of town. Would also consider Calis or Fethiye. Can anyone help...
  8. Lindacm

    Easy Jet Ticket for sale

    I have a spare ticket with EasyJet, going from Bristol to Dalaman on Sunday 20th Oct at 16:55 for sale if anyone can use it. It has an extra leg room seat (exit row) and 20k baggage with it. Current seat cost with EJ is around £50, then the extras on top. The cost for name change is £35, which...
  9. Lindacm

    Does anyone have....

    Does anyone have an apartment on Botanic Gardens that they would be willing to rent out for 15 days from 20th Oct. There would just be 1 person staying, so looking for a reasonable rent. Anyone who can help, would you please send me an email? Thanks, Linda
  10. Lindacm

    İtems for sale

    We have these remaining items that must be sold by 24th March. Unfortunately I am not able to take pictures (unless posted previously). Limited Internet access, so it mıght take me a day or 2 to respond. 1) Small safe 20tl 2) Selection of pictures; watercolours, chınese/ Indian silks. 25-50tl...
  11. Lindacm

    Dalaman to U.K

    Is anyone driving from the Dalaman area back to the U.K (Somerset/Wilts or Midlands areas) that could take a couple of boxes...or items back for us. We have recently sold our villa and there are some items that we would really like to get back to the U.K if possible. If anyone thinks that they...
  12. Lindacm

    Bed Covers for sale

    Matching pair of Polo acrylic small double (4'6) or large single bed covers. New. 75tl each....or 125tl the pair. Heavy cotton small double, or large single. 40tl Thick double quilt. 50tl Super King size, heavy, quality bed spread, with matching pillow cases. As new. 130tl All...
  13. Lindacm

    Items for Sale

    Cyclone commercial fan. Very powerful and can be moved to different positions. 125tl Laminating machine, with some pouches. 100tl Kenwood veg/fruit juicer. 50tl Pair of food warmers. 30tl Bone china tea/dinner service. 125tl Larger pictures by request.
  14. Lindacm

    Car Boot

    Does anyone know when the next car boot sale is on in Calis?
  15. Lindacm

    Can Anyone Help?

    Is anyone driving back to the U.K that could take a couple of bags or boxes for us? We could come to some kind of financial arrangement between us and obviously you could see what has been no surprises if checked! We are in Dalaman and would deliver items to you if not too far...
  16. Lindacm

    Rug for Sale

    Turkish wool rug for sale. 3-ply worsted wool Wilton rug. 150x230 Nice rug and in v.g.c. Cleaned and bagged. 200tl
  17. Lindacm

    Items For sale

    Ufo Air Purifier, used twice. Still in box and under guarantee. Over 350tl new. 100tl 8-place setting Wedgewood dinner/tea/coffee service. Although not pictured, there is also a teapot and coffee pot with this service. In all 61 pieces in immaculate condition. 300tl
  18. Lindacm

    Dresser For Sale

    Jaycee oak dresser. 2-piece, top separates from the base. It also has 2 shelves, which are not shown in the picture. 650tl o.n.o
  19. Lindacm

    Items for Sale

    Jaycee oak bookcase for sale 200tl.
  20. Lindacm

    Picture Upload

    I have some pictures that I wish to upload of some items I wish to sell. Please can anyone tell me how I can do it? Thanks.
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