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    can a solicitor in turkey force me to pay an account

    Hi Can anybody who understands turkish law help me please. I have been dealing with a solicitor with others on a particular matter. I then asked him per email if he could look at a contract to sell my property in Turkey and I did say I would pay him for his advice as I didn't want to think...
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    selling property in Turkey

    Hi Can anybody advise of the process. I've agreed to sell my property in Turkey. I've received a Contract from Estate Agent in Turkey and it is in english and the buyer's european language. Have to have some things amended as the translation is not the same as the english terms. When has this...
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    Reputable Estate Agents in Side

    Hi Any suggestions welcome of reputable estate agents in the Side area Many thanks
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    Address for Turkish Tax Office in Ankara

    Hi Could anybody advise what the address is for the Turkish Tax Office in Ankara regarding personal and business tax matters Thank you
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    TCL Rules and Management Company

    Hi can somebody advise re TCL Rules. Living in a complex of 80 aparrments. Management Company is the builder ( conflict of interest? And is this legal) always voted by majority at AGM. Nothing legally signed between Committee/Owners/managenent. Is a contract required from management co. stating...
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    Will regarding Property in Turkey

    Please can somebody give me advice as to making sure that my property in Turkey, should I die, be left to my beneficiaries under Turkish Law. I have in the past made an English Will and included my Turkish Property in it and had an apostil obtained on this in London by the British Embassy, but...
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