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    A turkish friend plans to ride his m'c up thru Europe and...

    İ wonder the border position on the route back to the uk from Turkey....he plans to ride as a holiday and finish by a tour in the uk ....will the borders be closed due to the migrant problems ?....he is organising it all for himself and just asking me about visas etc....but i wondered...
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    is it legal to bring second hand car parts in for personal use?

    İ am getting conflicting opinions on this subject and am looking for advice here.. what i want to do is buy a set of second hand wheels in the uk and bring them in on the service that runs to the uk to turkey...i am no dealer it is for personal use...İ can't imagine why it is illegal but i have...
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    Yet another residency time.....

    İ want all the planets to line up and get my permanment residency but this time i couldnt do it because my uk pension doesn't show as paid into my Turkish bank... so i was wondering for next time how i achieve this final hurdle??...İ have a pound account in İsbank and it just shows monies coming...
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    short term circumstances!

    İ have decided to do yet another short term RP and i wonder how they assess income these days?...i get a pension in the UK from a private company and goes direct into my uk bank gets transfered every 6 months into my wife's pound account...she is Turkish!....i hope citizenship is...
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    Permanment RP in İzmir...where to go for DHSS letter?

    Has anyone in İzmir done their Permanment RP here?..can someone tell me where İ need to go to get the letter from the DHSS in Konak? and also is there a name or reference of the letter? me being shunted all around the place!
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    Time has come to apply for permanment RP

    Just 58 days before my current RP comes to an end which means i have been here 8,5 years continous. İ live in İzmir which is believe is still taking applications for perm RP?? A few points about RP....i understand i need to letters, one from the police about not having a criminal letter and...
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    Adoption of a Turkish child and getting a UK paasport

    İt seems imminent that my 'step' daughter will soon be legally mine by adoption...sorry for the weird wording!! İ am wondering the position of now getting her a British passport. we live in Turkey but i have home and life in Britain. İ am not an expat! Anyone got any relevant info?
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    Any news about 'permanment' residency permits?

    İ past 8 years of full time living in Turkey last September and wonder if there is any news on the impllementation of the system for me to get a permanment next RP renewal is next March so hoping to avoid problems!
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    Anyone know about rebuild costs of property?

    With a 27 year old flat in İzmir İ am curious to know what appartments actually cost to rebuild per square metre here? İ don't understand Turkish and it is one of those mysteries in life!! wife is Turkish but not interested!!
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    Past my 8 years of what?

    İ have finally passed 8 years of residencies and wonder if the scheme for permament residence is in place?...i forefil all the criterior etc but wonder when the law becomes reality?..İ live in İzmir and do it at the polis Hq in the centre!!
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    Perm residence permit

    İ am just about to get to the 8th anniversary of arriving here and wonder how it goes if i register for perm residence....i came here 11/9/2006 and for the first 3 months was on the little stamp in my this period included in the 'deal'?? also is it obligatory to become Perm...
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    tax of vehicle...permanment residency

    My wife read me something this afternoon about permament said once you get PR you are allowed to import a vehicle tax that correct??
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    squabble with my wife about vehicle import to Turkey

    İ have a UK paid occupational pension which to Turkey counts as a normal pension and i live here full time with a residents permit and i was squabbling with my wife about bringing in a motorbike from the uk.......she was reading that i had to pay the tax but i am sure because i am retire i am...
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    personal import of goods from the USA

    İ know there is some sort of threahold under which the customs let products in from the USA....can anyone tell me.....about this İ am aiming to bring in some brake parts for my car with a total value of 500 dollars but i can break it down into small packages with a value less than........what...
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    Foreign cars in

    İ am a permanment resident with a pension in the Uk and permitted to own and keep a car here in Turkey on a permanment basis....i m not a citizen.....i have my eye on a couple of cars in my neighbour hood which are on the market with foreign number plates. One is Norwegian and the other...
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    Vehicle importation on your passport....a foreign car

    İ am allowed to bring a car in on a permanment basis from Turkish friend has a car which he bought in Norway but i sense he will be selling it soon here in has Norwegian registration and i am British......when i tried to bring my UK car here i had to prove ownership to...
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    Probably a daft question about car 'importation' by a Turk

    İ have a disagreement going on with a Turkish friend who says his Norwegian bought and registered car only needs to be 'deported' to Greece for a day to satisfy continued 6 months usage here in this right??..i know for foreigners it has to stay out 6 months but he says it is...
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    A visa/RP question for a newcomer

    İ have lived in Turkey for many years so this isnt for me!!!..İ have a friend and she is thinking of coming for a year on a sabatical and İ am wondering how to advise her. She went to the embassy in london and it advised her she needs to prove 14k gbp of income for one year.....firstly, i know...
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    Excess luggage---which airline has the best terms

    İ usually book cheap and cheerful from İzmir to The Uk in summer but İ know this year i will have a lot of excess luggage on the return leg of the trip...İ am guessing it is best to pre-book for this but i only want the allowance on the return.........any advice which airline is best and how i...
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    İ hate this Government.....

    İt's Xmas eve all is still and not even the 'bottle' shop is open....i can buy nuts but where is the efes accompaniment coming from!!!
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