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  1. Gill

    Gill Bishop's Funeral

    Sadly Gill finally lost her struggle against cancer at 9 pm on Monday night, having fought valiantly and with great fortitude and courage over the last few weeks and months. Her funeral is planned for 11 am on Friday the 8th August. We are aware of the great love and affection with which many...
  2. Gill

    Charity Sales Stopped

    Yalikavak Dostlari Second hand Charity sales are finishing. OUR SECOND HAND CHARITY SALES -- CLOSING DOWN!! EVERYTHING MUST GO!! JUNE 14th 11am - 1pm Bodrum Belediye (who are are in charge) are taking back the premises we store our goods in. We have to vacate tand hand the keys back on Monday...
  3. Gill

    Be aware-council change-water top up problem

    This has appeared on Facebook in a couple of places Text from the Belediye today saying anyone who has a pre-pay card water meter should ensure they have at least 10 days' worth loaded onto it before this weekend's elections, as immediately after that there will be a transition period when...
  4. Gill

    British Consulate community meeting in Bodrum

    Info from UK in Turkey Facebook page The British Consulate Bodrum invites British residents in Bodrum area to a community meeting, to be held at Bodrum Municipality Meeting Room (Bodrum Belediye Meclis Salonu) on Wednesday 9 October, at 11.00 am. Agenda of the meeting : - New Foreigner’s Law...
  5. Gill

    saturday sales to help local children, schools and families

    STARTING THIS SATURDAY!! The 2nd hand sales held in aid of needy Yalikavak children and families will be starting in September. Come and browse for a bargain or two! We will hold the sales on the FIRST and THIRD Saturdays of September, October and November. The dates are - 7th and 21st...
  6. Gill

    Bumper book sale

    SUMMER SALE JUST BOOKS,BOOKS, BOOKS (and DVDs) Second-hand BOOKS & DVDs SATURDAY AUGUST 3rd 11am to 1pm at the Museum behind Art Street Hundreds of bargains Everything 1TL!!!!! PROCEEDS GO TO SUPPORT PROJECTS WITH LOCAL CHILDREN FAMILIES AND SCHOOLS Our normal Bric- Brac and clothes...
  7. Gill

    Meeting Monday 20 May

    I have been given this information MONDAY 20 MAY AT 2PM YALIKAVAK BELEDİYE INVITES ALL FOREIGN RESIDENTS TO A SEMINAR WITH A LAWYER Topics to be covered are:- •Wills and Inheritance •Buying and Selling property - including news laws in force from 2014 •Issues concerning...
  8. Gill

    Weather Warning this evening

  9. Gill

    International help desk in Yalikavak

    NTERNATIONAL HELP DESK IN YALIKAVAK THE SIGNS HAVE BEEN PUT UP AND IT IS HAPPENING. MORE VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED to be there for just ONE HOUR every now and again. Please PM to me if you can volunteer. The Belediye are planning to meet with foreign nationals of Yalıkavak in the near future, The...
  10. Gill

    Meeting with British Consulate

    Just seen this and passing it on The British Consulate Bodrum invites British residents in Bodrum to a community meeting, to be held at Oasis Shoping Center Nurol Kültür Merkezi at 5:30 on Wednesday 30 January. The purpose of the meeting is to: - Provide updates on issues of recent interest...
  11. Gill

    Help Desk

    International Help Desk in Yalıkavak. For Foreign nationals residing or owning property in Yalıkavak who have any questions, problems or concerns a HELP DESK of volunteers will be available to note the difficulty, assist and liaise with the Belediye or appropriate body for an answer. THURSDAYs...
  12. Gill

    HSBC - missing ATM!

    The HSBC ATM by the marina entrance is not there -where did it go? The only one remaining is the IS Bank and that wasn't functioning. Probably to do with the re-modelling of that end of the marina.
  13. Gill

    Any Changes Recently?

    Have there been any recent changes to the process for renewing or getting new residence permits here in Bodrum? There is a question on Bodrum Bulletin website asking if documents needed for this process need to be notarized now -but there are no answers. Also I thought I heard from someone...
  14. Gill

    how to get to Bombay Cottage Gumbet

    Can someone tell me exactly where The Bombay Cottage in Gumbet is. Thanks
  15. Gill

    Second-hand items for sale -Ikinci El Pazar

    FINALLY all the paperwork is complete and we have permission to sell our second-hand items. The sales will be outside the Museum in Yalıkavak which is just behind Art Street, opposite Yali Travel and near the old windmill on Saturdays between 10am and 12noon. First one is this Saturday 8th...
  16. Gill


    Yalıkavak Dostları Group has now completed our integration with a Not-for-Profit Organisation in Yalıkavak called " Yalıkavak Sosyal Dayanışma ve Gençlik Derneği" (Social Solidarity and Young people). This is the group under whose umbrella we previously worked. This means we are all legal...
  17. Gill

    Charity Fund-Raising Sale 9 May

    We are holding one of our regular Bric-Brac sales at Musti's Restaurant starting 1pm on May 9th. We are grateful for the support we get from many of you and it allows us to give some help to children and families, and the three local schools in Yalikavak. Hope we shall see you there. Don't...
  18. Gill

    Charity fundraising this week 11-12 April

    Yalikavak Friends (Dostlari) Group are having their first fund-raising events of the summer this coming week. We use the funds we raise to help local needy children, families and the schools here in Yalikavak. Wednesday 11 April sale of second-hand clothes, and books, bric-a-brac at Musti's...
  19. Gill

    Auction on party Night =10 Dec

    On Saturday 10 December 7pm at the Party Night at Our Secret Garden we will be holding an auction.. Food and live Music -just a handful of tickets left at 20TL each Auction items include:= Ozel Hospital - General Check Up Free Voucher =worth up to 500TL for a woman or 400 TL for a man...
  20. Gill

    Two for the diary-Sale and Party Nite

    Yalikavak Dostlari's last sale of the year will be Wednesday 30 November at Musti's between 1pm and 4pm. Contact the usual suspects if you have donations of good quality clean clothes, books or Bric-a-Brac to donate and please, please come bargain hunting too!! PARTY NITE -food and live music...
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