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    Question What sort of quarantine required for entry to Turkey?

    YOu can qaurantine at home not sure on the hotel rules
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    Tapu office

    Definitely it's in Milas as I sold an apartment in Tuzla a few years ago and had to go there
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    Anyone in Gümüslük using their mobile WiFi? Just wondering what the coverage is like I believe it's 78 lira a month for unlimited data ? Thanks in advance
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    Passport renewal changes

    Don't get caught out
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    Buying or renting all in Lira
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    Bodrum Can Emlak (BCP)

    Anyone need an Emlak in the Bodrum area I can totally recommend BCP , after finding me a buyer and agreeing the price they ensured everything went smoothly kept me fully updated ensured I was paid in full all this 10 days after buyer made the offer all I had to do was turn up at the tapu office...
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    Tuzla park lake resort Property

    I have a brand new 2 bed 2 bath fully furnished all white goods never been used apartment on Tuzla park lake resort and would sell for £40k not getting time to use it so would sell. Any interest please send Pm and I will send photos
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    Villa roof felting

    Anyone got any idea how much it would cost to have my 3 bed concrete roof felted its approx 50 metre sq and if anyone has any contacts for the Bodrum area we are near Gumusluk Many thanks
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    Digiturk channel E2

    Is it me or are the adverts gone to silent mode or I have got my settings wrong? Language is set to original ?
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    New Kippa Turgutries

    Heard this week from a few Turkish friends that Kippa are opening a supermarket in Turgutries not a huge store like the one in Ortakent but more of a local store ? Somewhere near the shell Garage at the end of town.
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    Travelex send money abroad for only 99p
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    floor tiles

    Can anyone recommend a suitable tile adhesive for ceramic tiles on a concrete floor, a uni-bond type turkish equivalent if there is one thanks
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    Milas Belideye

    I have to go to the belideye to register my property, im told Tuzla comes under Milas anyone know where the office is?
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    Rip nutters turgutries

    Any who does not know Nutters burnted to the ground on Saturday night Bez
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    Property and Living in Turkey

    Came across a new monthly magazine called property and living in turkey today whilst in WH smiths 3.95, not read it yet but just flicking through looks like it has plenty of useful information. Regards Bez
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    thomas cook promo code

    if you are booking with thomas cook enter welcome5 on the booking page to get 10 pound off per seat Bez
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    Thinking of getting the ferry from Turgutries to Kos in the summer and staying for a few days or until i get fed up anyone know of anywhere decent to stay?
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    Tuzla Park

    Anyone else out there bought off plan on this development. I paid my first installment 12 months ago and they have just started to commence building work, phew i was getting a bit worried but there is a lot of activity now . Bez
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    Property Tax

    Got my Tapu end of December 2006 we have a villa on a small sitsei in Gumusluk do i need to pay some sort of council tax yet? The sitsei is still not finished probably another 12 months before its all done, someone told me you have to go to Bodrum to register the house and you pay in December...
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    Flavours restaurant Lymm

    Just come back from a fantastic little turkish restaurant in Lymm near warrington in Cheshire, owner is from Ankara very friendly great menu, only be open for 9 months'worth a visit if your in the area Bez web site
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