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    It's Margaret's Birthday

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Margaret. Hilary x
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    It's PMitch's Birthday today !

    Here's to a great Birthday Patrick. Hilary x
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    HAPY BIRTHDAY Kalkanite

    This comes to wish you the Happiest of Birthdays, Kalkantie ! Hilary x
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    Happy Birthday !

    Wishing Trevoro a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. We haven't heard from you for a long time. Have a good one. Hilary x
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    Two great birthdays today !! hijo and suecheshireuk

    Happy birthday to hijo and a very Happy Birthday to you Sue. Hilary x
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    Wishing you a super birthday Sara. Hilary x
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    It's DGBCs Birthday

    Wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hilary x
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    Happy Birthday jandj

    Wishing you a very HAPPY 67th BIRTHDAY jandi. Hilary x
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    Happy Birthday Lynne

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Lynne. Hilary x
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    Another Birthday !

    Wishing durham rader a very HAPPY 65th BIRTHDAY. Hilary x
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    It's Adrianmol's Birthday !

    Wishing you a very HAPPY 65th BIRTHDAY ! Hilary x
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    A Big Day today - THREE BIRTHDAYS

    Firstly, Ted j. Kerrytayor and, lastly Zotean who's just 27 years old today ! Here's wishing you all have a wonderful day. Hilary x
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    It's rafiki's Birthday !

    Wishing you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY rafiki. Hilary x
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    Firefox - my goodness it's your birthday !

    Happy birthday FIREFOX. Our old sparring partner. Have a good one. Hilary x
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    It's jeardens birthday !

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday jearden - only 76. I'm just catching you up ! Hilary x
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    It's Charlie's Birthday !

    Wishing Charlie a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY - A very young 49 !! Hilary x
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    It's Donna and Malc's Birthday

    Happy Birthday to Donna and Malc. 58 years old- both of you ? Have a good one. Hilary x
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    Two Birthday today !!

    Happy birthday to karmen and Turley. I hope you both have super days. Hilary x
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    It's Raynesnakes Birthday !!

    Wishing you the very best of Birthdays Raynesnake. Hilary x
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    It's Derek Payne's Birthday

    Derek Payne is a very young 68 today. Have a splendid birthday Derek. Hilary x
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