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  1. irishmatelot

    New Year in Alanya

    Hi, I’m considering a quick break in Alanya for a few days over new year. Is there enough bars and restaurants open to make it worth while? Thanks in advance
  2. irishmatelot

    Taxi or Transfer from Ataturk Airport to Sultanahmet?

    Could someone tell me if it is more expensive to get a taxi or private transfer from Ataturk Airport to Sultanahmet. Thank you
  3. irishmatelot

    Tailor/seamstress required

    Hi all, wondered if anyone knew a decent tailor or seamstress in Bodrum. Got a dress that needs shortening and would appreciate a recommendation. Thanks in advance Paul
  4. irishmatelot

    Travel from Istanbul to Bursa

    HI there I will be staying in Kadikoy on the Asian side in October and wish to travel to Bursa for a few days before returning to the European side of Istanbul (Yenikapi?). Just wondered if anyone had used the fast ferries and knows how they work, reliability etc. Also is Bursa OK for a lone...
  5. irishmatelot

    Ankara Query...

    Hi there I am spending 3 days in Ankara during my annual summer pilgrimage to Bodrum. I am reading about so many great places to see and things to do but the time limit I have put on myself is making me nervous about getting the best out of the trip. I would appreciate any first hand comments...
  6. irishmatelot

    Turkish Airlines query

    I want to book with Turkish Airlines for next summer and they have a 20kg baggage allowance...does anyone know if there is an option to buy a second piece of baggage rather than pay the excess baggage charge which is colossal? I telephoned them but the man I spoke to was less than helpful...
  7. irishmatelot

    Taxi in Bodrum

    Good evening does anyone have a number for a reliable taxi driver in Bodrum - would help if his english was better than my turkish!
  8. irishmatelot

    Taxi in Bodrum

    Good evening does anyone have a number for a reliable taxi driver in Bodrum - would help if his english was better than my turkish!
  9. irishmatelot

    Turkish Bath in Bodrum

    Hi there, just wondering if anyone has used the Turkish bath near the bus station in Bodrum. I have promised myself that I will have the full experience when I get over in July but since I have never done it before (despite more than 20 visits to Turkey) I wondered about the etiquette...
  10. irishmatelot

    Electricity Charges

    Hello! I was wondering if someone could tell me the approximate cost per unit of electricity in the Bodrum area and also how much electricity could I reasonable expect to use if I am running 2 moderate sized aircon units for 4 weeks - Just found out I am being charged for my electricity...
  11. irishmatelot

    Bodrum roads

    Hi there Just wondering if the road development down by the marina has affected the traffic movement etc and if there is a map of the road system if it is much different since they started work. Also, a stupid but necessary question for putting my mind at rest...does anyone know if the main...
  12. irishmatelot

    Dentists in Bodrum

    Hi folks Off to Bodrum in 2 weeks and need to know of a recommended dentist I can use if necessary (having some wisdom teeth trouble that will not be sorted before I fly out and I expect it to recur!!). Not really interested in hearing from any dentists but any TLFers who have used a dentist...
  13. irishmatelot

    Restaurants in Bodrum

    Just wondering if anyone had tried these restaurants and what you thought of them...they are the main ones on my hit list for this summer * Mamara Terrace * Fasil Cafe Rasit * Kafedaki * Denizhan Thanks in advance for any reviews Paul
  14. irishmatelot

    Armed Forces Day 2009

    Hi all Just wanted to alert people to Armed Forces Day on June 27th 2009...the first one! Don't want to be too political but as someone who has spent a short time as a reserve in the Navy and with a partner and friends who are also in the Navy I will be supporting the events of the week...
  15. irishmatelot

    bar query

    hi there anyone know if the M&S opposite the marina is still in Bodrum and if it is whether it is clothes or food (or both?) also i am looking for some friendly bars and pubs maybe off the main drag in bodrum that i can go to on my own without looking like a billy no mates while i wait for my...
  16. irishmatelot


    Just curious, every summer when I go to Bodrum we see wicked things going on at the amphitheatre but can't read the advertising signs we see in the town (Turkish going VERY slowly LOL!!). Wanted to know where do you go in the town to find out about these open air performances and is there...
  17. irishmatelot

    15 weeks to go...will it ever get here?

    Just felt an overwhelming urge to declare my need to go to Turkey ASAP but still got a 15 week wait :boohoo: Hope it goes really quickly!
  18. irishmatelot

    Logging Off TLF??

    Hi folks Just wondering if anyone else is being logged off their accounts while looking at threads. It's happened to me a few times since the upgrade and was wondering why? Is it something I'm doing? I keep having to log back in again!
  19. irishmatelot

    Tax Office Istanbul

    Can anyone advice me of the location of the Tax office in Istanbul so I can get a tax number next week. Will I need an appointment or can I just turn up and am I going to need a Turkish speaker. Do I just bring my passport or do I need anything else? Thanks in advance for any help
  20. irishmatelot

    Buying a villa

    Hi there I may be buying a villa in Golkoy but wanted to ask if anyone could recommend a good solicitor in Bodrum who speaks English and has good real estate law experience. I have been given a tentative preliminary contract that is just laughable (paid a holding deposit last week) so unless I...
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