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    Snouts in the Trough

    Don't forget a woman's place is in the wrong. . .
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    Wanted: Good news AND. . . .(change Bojo's diet someone)
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    Wanted: Good news
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    Big fires in Manavgat

    Here you are. . . . .extract below from AKP gov’t blamed for poor response to forest fires raging across Turkey | Turkish Minute '. . .President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) government has attracted widespread criticism for its poor handling of major wildfires in...
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    Big fires in Manavgat

    If I can find it I'll post a report that I read when the fires first broke out. It said that the planes owned by the THK(?) previously used to fight fires carry a maximum of 4900 litres of water, and the new contracts required a minimum payload of 5000 litres ,so they were barred from bidding...
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    Where's my postal order?
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    Brexit going forward

    Years ago my late father needed an op for varicose veins with a waiting time of about 16 weeks in his area, but his GP found that it could be done in 4 weeks in another NHS area, so he went there. I think this facility has gone now as each trust has its own budget but would be glad to be proved...
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    UK state pension worst in the developed world

    As soon as possible NO face coverings please.
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    Snouts in the Trough

    The case would have been put to the DPP to decide if the evidence was at least 50% likely to result in a conviction before she was charged with the crime. The jury would have been warned at the outset of the case, and again before making their deliberations, to ignore anything seen in news...
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    Big fires in Manavgat

    This Sky news clip has3 videos, one of the president suggesting it. I think it's the second one.
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    Big fires in Manavgat

    There are fires all across the Med. Italy is badly hit near Rome, Sicily is also in a bad way, the Croatian coast is alight. I dont think you can blame the PKK for those fires. A lot is to do with the heat and dry underbrush, the rest is casual selfishness, lack of education, lack of suitable...
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    Brilliant news this morning. In January and again in June, British Rail tested air, cleanliness in stations and inside trains, carriages etc in 4 of the most used stations and routes, including the trains running regularly on the timetables; and found NO evidence of any viral contamination. They...
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    Diana's Car

    Clarkson wrote a very good piece in Sunday Times magazine (1/8/21) about hydrogen powered cars which would be much better option. No huge demands for rare metals for batteries and charging demands on the grid. He also mentioned that the mining for some of these metals in Africa uses slave/child...
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    Turunc response

    If this is correct there's more agony on the way. .
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    Big fires in Manavgat

    Expect them to be busy next week. . .
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    Just wait and see who picks on this for an argument. The incredible self-centred and selfish sanctimonious attitude is unbelievable. Extract from full article Vegans exempt from compulsory vaccinations, legal experts warn “Ethical veganism has previously been found to amount to a belief...
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    Wanted: Good news

    good news, The President says that they are 'turning to corner' fighting the fires. Anger boils over as Turkey has no airplanes to fight wildfires while...
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    UK state pension worst in the developed world

    Do you honestly believe it would be acceptable to have an 8% increase in your SP when NHS staff (excluding the doctors) were offered a lousy mean 1% later upped to 3%? I dont, it's plain selfish given our situation.
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    2021 Holiday Plans

    That would be good, thanks. Our tickets were only £49 each and the latest flight swap at the end of August is listed at £229.
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    Foreign & Commonwealth Office updates for Turkey

    Update from GOV.UK for: Turkey travel advice Turkey travel advice Change made: New information about forest fires (‘Natural Disasters’ page) Time updated: 1:49pm, 30 July 2021 Natural disasters Earthquakes Many parts of Turkey are subject to earthquakes and tremors. You should familiarise...
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