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    You may have a point Steve, like I said we are unlikely to establish the real reason. The officers may not have appreciated the likely backlash when those responsible published the footage. The incident was probably played down by the victim and by speaking to those reasonable at the time the...
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    Suspect charged with assault. Disappointing the officers at the time didn’t take action, when clearly it was an assault/public order offence. Appreciate there may be a reason why the suspect wasn’t arrested at the time, but I guess we’ll not find that out. In my opinion the MET should explain...
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    Info Obtaining a Turkish E-visa

    If only! Agree simple process, though it does cost more than it used to. When will we be able to use it?
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    Gumusluk Belediyesi Fees

    Update, following yet another cancelled flight and wishing to pay my Belediyesi fees for the last 2 years I decided to email Bodrum Belediye and request my sicil number. Email included my full details and address in Turkey. I received an auto response and reference number, in about 3 weeks an...
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    2021 Holiday Plans

    Hi, moved our roll over flight from 2019 from April this year to October. We have another in May, but can’t see any chance of that one happening! Fingers crossed for July, but again this is in doubt. Wife (Nurse) has had her first vaccine and yes the second will be 3 months after the first...
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    FCO Advice

    Well as if things couldn’t get much worst, see the latest information below from the FCO. “On 23 October the U.S. Embassy in Turkey issued a warning to US citizens of potential terrorist attacks and kidnappings against US citizens and foreign nationals in Istanbul, as well as potentially other...
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    Gumusluk Belediyesi Fees

    Hi. We’ve always gone into the Belediyesi to pay our fees, does anyone know if his can be done online? And if so how? Many thanks Rob
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    Easyjet Hand Luggage restriction

    See below located on the Easyjet website today. Turkey Travel restrictons 30/07/2020 IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR PASSENGERS TRAVELLING TO AND FROM TURKISH AIRPORTS Following a requirement from Turkish regulatory authorities, passengers travelling into or out of Turkish airports will only be allowed...
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    Military Clearance

    Hi Is anyone aware of a way to check how an application for Military Clearance is progressing? Our first application was lost, a second one arrived at the deeds office approved but with the wrong plot number on it, the third we are informed by our solicitor is approved but the paperwork has not...
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    Boat Trip

    Hi Just back from a couple of great weeks at our villa near Gumusluk, only got biten three times on the entire holiday! Went on another boat trip on Kelebek 11. Ahmet the captain went snorkeling and found two octopus to show our two young daughters and cooked lunch prepared by Liz his wife. I...
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    Kayikhane Restaurant

    Hi Has anyone visited the Kayikhane Restaurant in Burnunkoy? Found it searching the web recently (, looks nice. Thanks Rob
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    Valley Car rental

    Hi Anyone asked for a quote lately from Valley Car Rental. Read some good things about them on the forum, so I thought I'd get a quote. Sent two emails last week and still no reply. Thanks Rob
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    Golf Course and Complex

    Just read this article on the Turkish Dialy News website. "The "Tourism Living Quarter" project, Turkey's biggest tourism investment to be established on the Bodrum-Milas road on a plot spanning 9,150 acres, will be undertaken with the initiative of the Ağaoğlu Group and Net Holding. As...
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    Bomb Blast

    Just heard on radio 5 that there was a bomb blast at a Market in Izmir this morning. The bomber carried it on a cycle, many injuried but the true extent is not known yet.
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    Bodrum gets CCTV

    Surpised to read this article in the Turkish Daily News dated 31st March ! "The Mobese project, which is a massive surveillance camera system that monitors the streets for the Turkish police, will be applied in Bodrum and districts in order to assure safety. With the system, after a total...
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    Car Hire Stories

    Hi This year we hired a car from Proper Car Hire as we had previously done and wondered if anyone had any car hire stories to share. I hired two vehicles, one a seven seater and one a small saloon. My parents were leaving before us hence the need to exchange to a smaller vehicle. The seven...
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    Gardening suggestions please

    Hi, just wondered if anyone in the Bodrum, Gumusluk area can recommend any good plant nurseries (and whats the Turkish word/phrase for its equivalent!)We shall be over in July for 3 weeks and as well as furnishing our place it would be good to get some nice pots and plants started off. So can...
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    Once bitten....

    Now I'm not usually one to panic but I am concerned having read the threads about scorpions,snakes and other things that would spoil my trip in July!!Are there any USEFULL suggestions as to how to keep a curious 5 year old and her accomplice (3 yrs) safe? I don't plan on letting the girls...
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    Furnishing Villa

    Just been surfing the net and come across a company called "bodrumfurniture" has anyone had any dealing with this company. They offer to get products from local craftsmens at a discounted prices for 10% commision. Whilst we are looking forward to furnishing and buying ourselves, it might be...
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    Cash or credit card

    Hi can anyone advise us about whether the best deals can be made using either cash (Lira) or a credit card. We intend to take a Nationwide credit card when we furnish our place, but wonder if the best deals are made using cash. Thanx R&J
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