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    UK Kayaks for sale

    2 Wilderness System Tarpon 120/ Sit On Kayaks for sale. Like new, used four times. Brought from UK. There are 2 kayaks, 2 sets of paddles, all bungies for attachment, and a custom built trailer. Sold as package lot. 500 pounds for everything. Please PM for photo and detailed dealers description...
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    Dog Carrier Wanted

    Is there anyone who'll be flying their dog over from the UK between now and the beginning of May who might be interested in selling the crate? I am looking for a carrier to fly a MEDIUM SIZE dog (think it's also called a Number 6 carrier) back to London. I'm in Dalyan, but willing to travel...
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    Caravan into Turkey

    I have a friend who is driving to Turkey with a caravan via Romania and Bulgaria. Anyone have any helpful info to make going through Customs easier? Thanks
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    Digiturk problem

    Anyone experiencing problems with their Digiturk channels? I was watching it and screen went blank, then came back on with completely unknown programming- mostly German and Austrian, but quite a bit from Indonesia. Nothing which is on regular platform- maybe the satellite shifted!
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    Leaving caravan in Turkey

    I have some friends who would like to bring their caravan out from the UK and leave it here in Turkey. They have residency and would like to be able to travel around the country while they are here. Is it possible to leave it here permanently, or does it need to go out of the country after 6...
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    security system help

    is there anyone on the forum that has a Flas(h)(sorry, don't have Turkish keyboard) security system? I've been told they have gone out of business and I need directions on how to change to a new security code. If anyone can walk me through it please PM, or if someone knows of an English speaking...
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    Driving with dogs to Turkey

    I'm sure there was information posted sometime in the past year about bringing dogs with you by car from the UK to Turkey, but I can't find it. I don't need the DEFRA info, as animal is pet passported and approved for flying. Is there any kind member who might be able to point me in the right...
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    Really think the idea of performing a kindness or giving something to someone, unsolicited, with only thanks wanted being the hope that it will be passed on is wonderful. Although this is something that goes on throughout the year, holiday time ramps up people's awareness. Who has recently been...
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    Lovely Tradition

    A recent post reminded me of something from my working days. Each year, around this time (a week or so prior to Thanksgiving in the US), a group of 8 of my work mates would have a get together. Everyone would make a huge batch of their favorite soup, chili, or stew and bring along 7 containers...
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    Foreigner driving Turkish car

    I'm fully aware that Turks cannot drive an "M" plated car, but are there any restrictions regarding a Turkish (owner) registered car? I don't mean a rental car, or the occasional borrowing, but full and unlimited access. If so, would a foreigner automatically covered on that Turkish insurance...
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    bringing "dangerous dogs" to Turkey

    Several years ago, the Turkish government created a list of dangerous dogs that could not be brought to Turkey, including pets. Does anyone know where I can find out if those restrictions still exist, and a current listing of breeds on it. I haven't been able to find anything specific on the...
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    UK estate car for sale

    I am posting on behalf of a friend. He is looking to sell, at some point over the next several months, a full sized estate car with right hand drive. Ideal for anyone returning to UK with a fair amount of personal items (as it held loads when they drove it over), or transporting back animals. If...
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    bringing parrots to Turkey

    Has anyone had an experience in bringing birds to Turkey? Have a friend who would like to spend 4-5 months here each year, and would want to bring her 2 parrots (and dog as well, but info available about that already) with her for the length of the stay. Did you bring them over by car or plane...
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    Sky 1 Sports in Turkey?

    Has anyone found a way to access Sky 1 Sports in Turkey (specifically Mugla) without having to use a 5 meter dish? Thanks
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    Foreign Residents Seminar

    Just wondered if anyone attended this meeting at the Yalikavak Belediye on Mon 20/05 and, if so, might have some information about what was discussed. Thanks
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    Solar Panels in Turkey

    Does anyone have info about installing solar panels to generate electricity in Turkey, or know of any company in Mugla province that installs them? I already have the water panels, but want to investigate generating my own power. Thanks
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    It's been quite awhile since Dave has posted- hope all OK. Lots of requests for pics lately- his photos are missed!
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    inverter klimas- info please

    I am planning on replacing several of my air conditioning units with inverter models, and would like some feedback on the different brands. There is quite a range of prices, and a lot of the specs seem the same- am happy to pay extra for quality, but want to make sure I'm getting good value for...
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    Dog Crate Wanted

    Does anyone have a dog crate available for flying a dog back to the UK? PM with details please. Am in the Dalaman area, but can travel within reason. Thanks
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    KocTas Garden Furniture

    KocTas/B&Q Garden Furniture Just wondered if anyone has bought (or is familiar with) the Blooma Gotland Garden furniture set from KocTas? It is also sold at B & Q. It consists of a sofa, 2 chairs, and a small table, and is the all weather wicker, It isn't possible for me to get to see it in...
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