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    Erdoğan is saying uk and europe pay for vaccines

    Everyone is getting told we don't charge for vaccines but uk and europe do I read this story last week but thought it was the translation fault. Please be careful with your...
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    The new £50 note is coming

    The old £50 will not be allowed in shops October 2022. Just thought I mention it. I wonder when the banks will refuse to take them over here. You had better all get your shoe boxes empty. 🤣
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    Test picture posting

    Just looking to see if I can do it post pictures. Sorry wrong spot
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    G7 meeting

    No post just on the TV G7 have a agreed on a universal tax of 15% to be paid in the country they operate from. So is that going to be bad for the big ferms like amazon and the like that get tax breaks in Ireland? I hope so.
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    Election poll

    The results for the last poll in turkey. The question was if there was an election to day who would you vote for cumhuriyet news. AKP down to 27% Chp 18.3 % Iyi party 10.7% Mhp 8.7% Hdp 8.4% Deva 2.2% Sp 1.6% Future party 1.4% Other 1% Undecided 8.7% Protest vote 6% No answer 5.9%
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    Puffer fish

    It has just been put out the alarming numbers of puffer fish found off the beaches in the lara area, dozens have been found 5 pounds in weight. The fish is 1200 times more poisonous than cyanide. The fishermen are on alerted. As close as 50 metres from the beach they are saying how do we swim in...
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    Nevrus celebration

    Thousands out in Istanbul for the Nevrus celebration.
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    Russian investment in Bodrum

    Bodrum is getting a lot of investment from Russia in the figure of three hundred million dollars investment not to be laughed at.
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    Why Erdogan insists on the kanal Istanbul.

    Erdogan insists on the kanal Istanbul project because?
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    Are you preparing a new seat for your groom

    Chp Spokesperson Faik Oztrak:Are you preparing a new seat for your groom
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    When is the next big Holy holiday in turkey

    Any one know which and when the next holy holiday is in turkey?
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    The happiest country in the world 2020

    The happiest country in the to live is Finland,out of a survey of 156 countries . Turkish happiness is down to just over 48%
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    Help How to book hospital appointment in Turkey?

    Hope someone can help. Did someone put a thread on a post not so long ago how you can book an hospital appointment on the Internet. With an web address. Cheers.
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    Erdogan new constitution 'words

    Erdogan new constitution words commented by Bloomberg
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    America is behind July 15

    Us response to Minister Soylu's words
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    Question Cutting overhanging trees from the neighbours garden in Turkey

    I think it's been on here before but couldn't find it. Can you cut overhanging trees from your neighbours garden, so long as you give the branches back. I'm talking about in Turkey. Thanks.
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    Banks in the uk checking tax details.

    Has any one had letter from their uk bank asking for tax numbers .?
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    Lebanese man loses his German citizenship at the last minute.

    Lebanese man loses his German citizenship at the last minute refusing to shake the hand of the lady giving him his certificate for citizenship. Good enough for him.
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    Tatar wins the Northern Cyprus election.

    Tatar wins the Northern Cyprus election and knocks out turkish favourite. See what happens now.
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    Akp Presidential surprise candidate

    Surprise vote Erdogans not the first candidate for the Akp, Hulusi Akar is. Erdogana second, Soylu third 0.5 behind.
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