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    wouldnt this hurt?

    cooling down on my balcony yesterday evening I saw across the street a man instruct his large alsatian dog to hop up and sit on the front base part of his motor scooter (where the shopping and/or smaller kids ususally go, along with the drivers feet). The dog sat sideways on and they took off...
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    Not really necessary in my experience

    I sold my place several months ago without using an estate agent or lawyer. Simply put the word out to anyone and everyone I knew that I would be selling without an estate agent - and therefore no commission payable to one. I chose a sensible price and stuck to it. I could afford to sell it...
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    They can't get away with this - can they?

    Just over a month ago I placed an online order for a mobile phone and a few other small items with the company The order went through ok, and they had my authority to take 9 monthly payments from my credit card. I then heard from them that they couldnt supply the phone...
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    Brits show the way!

    Just watched open mouthed a news item (CNN) about golf clubs (the places not the tools) in the UK which have (and are permitted to have) a policy of no women. Not segregated facilities - literally no women. Apparently one of them had a sign outside saying 'No dogs .....No women' which has been...
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    Sea at Çalış

    Went to Çalış for the first time in a while the other evening, and was horrified at the state of the sea - lots of gunky grass, plastic bags, old rope and rotting veg. I got straight out without swimming. We were at the main central part of the beach, just in front of the Nil Restaurant. Is...
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    Home delivery services

    I've recently discovered the wonderful convenience of home delivery from Migros - a great help to me in this weather with no transport of my own and some health problems right now I wondered about other home delivery services available in Fethiye .... for example anywhere selling imported food...
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    PKK activity soars

    Cant see any threads about this - am I really the only person worried about it? Alot more incidents in the East and now in Foca, Izmir. Meanwhile the PM is persecuting the military commanders, and criticizing those of them remaining who may say the problem is getting more serious.
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    Crash helmet for motorbike passenger - pros and cons?

    After coming through Ramazan İftar rushhour traffic in Fethiye yesterday evening as a passenger on a motorbike, it occurred to me buying a crash helmet might be a good idea ... or am I worrying too much? We only use the motorbike for short trips into and around the town (a car for longer trips...
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    Olympics - any Turkish athletes to cheer on?

    I'd love to know which sports Turkish athletes/teams of any kind are taking part in. I suspect there arent too many of them. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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    Fethiye Esnaf Hastanesi - problems

    Yet more stupid problems with the Fethiye Esnaf Hastanesi administrative people. Doctor made mistake on prescription (he did the same thing last time) so I only get a third of the supply he told me (3 pakets instead of 9 packets for 3 months) plus he left the same drug of the Rapor. Chemist...
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    Thinking of buying a laptop computer

    I've only ever used the older type of PC. but now thinking of switching to a laptop, mainly because I would like to use it in different places around the apartment instead of being stuck in its own little 'office' (with no aircon!!) Main use would be internet. When I thought about buying one a...
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    HD and Digiturk

    On a recent thread ref which channel to watch Wimbledon tennis championship on, poster advised Digiturk channel 80 or 380 HD. I'd been watching it on 80, tried on 380 and it looked exactly the same to me. Both channels had an NTVSpor HD icon in the top righthand corner. I could do with some...
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    whats the connexion?

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum, but it needs a good understanding of Turkish (I think) to answer my question. Theres a commercial currently running on TV which intrigues me. Its an obvious take off of a British royal family wedding. Inside the room, the princess steps on her long dress...
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    Fethiye to Akyaka/Gokova buses

    Can anyone give me uptodate info on whether there are direct buses now between Fethiye and Akyaka (also known as Gokova)? And, if so, which company/ies operate these? If not, can anyone suggest the best way of getting from Fethiye to Akyaka and back by bus. I don't want to stand by the side...
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    Internet shopping problem - how to deal with this?

    On 11th June I placed an online order for contact lenses with a specialist Turkish website. The order was accepted, my credit card was debited, and I actually received an email saying the order had been dispatched. A day or two later I had a phone call saying the order could NOT be dispatched...
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    Please make separate forum for this ...

    I'd like to request that posts concerning the UK go into a separate forum. The posters often do not specify they are talking about the UK (as opposed to Turkey) which is very misleading. I'm not remotely interested in the place - and its a pain having to read through an entire thread before...
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    Understanding the recipe - help!

    I'm a decidedly late learner in the kitchen area, so need some advice. I've just bought a book (a US publication not a Turkish one) which contains all raw food recipes. Alot of them call for 'raw sunflower seeds' sometimes soaked and sometimes unsoaked - to make pates, granola, museli etc...
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    Abortion bill altered

    Just seen on hurriyetdailynews online that the government have given into pressure and will keep the 10 week abortion rule, just stipulating that the abortion must take place in a general hospital.
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    How to undo Digiturk Plus series recorder

    Has anyone else had this problem with Digiturk Plus. I select a program from the guide and press record. It will sometimes say 'this is part of a series- do you want to record the series'. I usually opt for just this one and a red dot appears and it records and saves the program ok. But when...
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    Avoid Dolphin Pension Bozburun & can anyone recommend an alternative?

    This time last year I was looking forward to a much needed holiday. Back in February I had booked a room for a week at the Dolphin Pansiyon, Bozburun on the Marmaris Peninsula. They had asked for 2 nights payment as a deposit. I'd transferred the money and they had confirmed they had received...
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