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  1. ScoobyZ

    Tread the Globe - Turkey?

    Anyone else watching tread the globe? Mainly based in Turkey at the moment: Seems pretty good.
  2. ScoobyZ

    Turkey Tourist Tax!

    I hope this isn't true:
  3. ScoobyZ

    My water linked to communal showers and taps.

    Hi I have a holiday home on a site with 3 other houses. We have a shared pool with 2 showers either end and two taps. Ironically the showers and taps are not near my place. When we arrived on Saturday we turned our water on and one of the showers came on. We have tested and it seems that these...
  4. ScoobyZ

    Electric Bill (ELectric switched off)

    Hi I have had a couple of small Electric bills for my Holiday Home (first year of ownership) But we haven't been there since October. First was 10.56 Lira second is 25.90 lira. Any idea if there standing charge now? Company is AYDEM ESA┼× I tried to email but that auto replies and directs me...
  5. ScoobyZ

    Worth Renting Out?

    Hi, quite new to the forums but have been researching Turkey for quite a while. I'm just in the process of buying a 3 bed 3 bath in Dalyan. I'm just deciding the pros and con to decide if its worth renting it out. I have some estimated cost already: On top of normal bills to rent: Guest...
  6. ScoobyZ

    Just bought in Dalyan!

    Hi, Been lurking for a while and read and got lots of great tips on Turkey. I have been going for quite a few years and have really like Dalyan so have bought a Holiday Home / (maybe) rental property. Buying with Sunray who seem very reputable and hope to finalise he transaction in November...
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