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  1. dearsley

    A good read

    If you like books on ex pat life in Turkey you might want to take a look (after you've read my book, of course) at a book called Scotch and Holy Water written in the 1960s by an American called John Tumpane, It's very funny and because of its age it's very evocative of a bygone era. Although...
  2. dearsley


    Ramazan starts today. OK not everyone fasts. But I recall back when I lived in Sile near Istanbul the waiters did and they worked a 14 hour shift with no food or water. Whatever your thoughts on religion you have to respect people like that.
  3. dearsley

    Newspapers for ex pats

    Hi Everyone. I'm looking for some help. Can you kindly let me know of any English language newspapers you regularly read, either a printed version or more likely an on line version. I'm seeking to promote my book Twelve Camels For Your Wife, which amazingly, in just three days, has reached...
  4. dearsley

    Twelve Camels For Your Wife

    Hello, I have written a book about my near 50-year love affair with Turkey. It's available in paperback or as an e book on the Amazon platform. If you go to Amazon you can read the first chapter and a half. If you send me a message with an e mail address I'll send a sample chapter. Unfortunately...
  5. dearsley

    Twelve Camels For Your Wife

    Hello, I have written a book about my near 50-year love affair with Turkey. It's available in paperback or as an e book on the Amazon platform. Unfortunately you won't be able to get the physical book printed in Turkey via but you can buy it from the UK and have it shipped. It's...
  6. dearsley

    Writing a book

    Hi everyone. I'm writing a book about my seven years as an ex pat in Turkey but I want to include crazy/funny stories from other ex pats about life here. If you want to submit something send me an outline on a message and we can arrange to chat. I'll put the names of everyone who contributes...
  7. dearsley

    Customs agent

    Hi Everyone, does anyone know a customs agent who operates at the Istanbul customs? I just need someone to liaise with customs and check I have the right paperwork. I'm bringing some stuff (household goods) from UK by lorry via Edirne buit they seem to want to go to Istanbul NOT customs in Izmir...
  8. dearsley

    Swimming pool

    Hi Does anyone have experience of building a swimming pool from scratch (or possibly renovating an old pool)? I have been in touch with one Kusadasi based company but want a second quote. Thanks for any help you can give. George
  9. dearsley

    Events, festivals

    My daughter is coming out on Saturday. Just wonder if there are any events, festivals or exhibitions in the Izmir area that I could take her to.
  10. dearsley

    Doing Business With China

    A bit of a long shot.....but has anyone in here any contacts with Turkish companies doing business with China? I work sometimes for the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and they have asked me to check opinions about a strategy called One Belt One Road, designed to improve Sino-Turkish trade...
  11. dearsley

    mental illness

    Has anyone any experience of the treatment of mental illness in Turkey? My wife suffers from bi polar and although we have (potentially) a wonderful life this dreadful illness is slowly destroying our entire family. My wife is 53, a beautiful and intelligent woman. But mood swings and attempts...
  12. dearsley

    Shipping to Turkey

    Can anyone offer any help or guidance, please? I am in the process of shipping furniture and personal belongings to Turkey by sea to Izmir. The UK movers are saying that because we have not lived in our house for a year we might encounter "extra taxes". it is true that we bought our property...
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