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    Frozen account

    Hello. We have been informed that our site account with Finans bank has been frozen as we have not held an AGM for 2 years due to covid regulations. The account has been receiving funds and withdrawals have been made so account has been active. If this is true then surely all sites with Finans...
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    Trojan removal

    Hello. Windows defender says I downloaded a trojan. I tried to delete. Defender says ' remediation incomplete' and threat may not be remediated but when I access Defender it says no threats. Is it still a threat or not? I ran malwarebytes but I still get same result from Defender. Threat name...
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    Post to UK

    Apologies if there is already an existing thread. Anyone know if post to UK is still working at this time? Still a while before I need to post but want to know in advance if possible.
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    Divorce in Turkey

    If two English residents living in Turkey have separated and one wants a divorce does anyone know the proceedings? There is no house involved. Would bank holdings be split equally? I am genuinely asking for a friend. Neither of them are members of this forum.
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    AGM concerns

    Hello. It will soon be time for our AGM. I have two concerns which I am sure are illegal. One of the owners has said he will act as interpreter at the meeting to save on costs. I am concerned the translation may not be accurate. Is it not law that we need a registered translator? There will...
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    Anyone know if it is legal to bring co-codamol from UK into Turkey ? Thanks for any replies.
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    Anyone having problem accessing their Gmail account? I get the following message, This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Bare Ownership

    Hello. I have a friend who wants her daughter to inherit her property on her death. She has been told if she uses 'bare ownership' she can get her daughter's name on the tapu without selling the property to her and avoids the expense. Anyone heard of Bare Ownership. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Deleting emails

    Hello. When I use Opera browser and I check my yahoo emails they will not delete after reading. They will when I use Firefox. I prefer Opera and Yahoo for non-secure emails. Anyone any ideas? This started yesterday. Thanks in advance for any replies.
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    Having a problem with firestick. No problems with live tv. BBC and ITV playbacks work OK. Channels 4 and 5 only have sound on playback,no pictures. Any ideas?. Thanks for any replies.
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    Life ring

    Hello. I am under the impression that it is a legal requirement to have a lifesaving-ring at poolside on complex. Have heard someone objected to one on a site so they do not have one. Any ideas?
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    Council buyer tax

    Hello. I understood council levied a 4% tax on cost of buying a property. Have been told the 4% only applies to first 1000 Tl. Find this hard to believe. Have the rules changed?
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    UK phone Turkish sim

    Hello. If I take out a contract in UK for mobile can I use a Turkish sim in the phone when in Turkey?
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    laptops on planes

    Hello. Tried to find thread on this with no success. What is latest ruling taking laptop from Turkey to UK ? Can you take laptop and charger in hand luggage?
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    long term rental rules

    Hello. I have a friend,I know some of you will be surprised at this, who wants to rent long term. She is in UK. Does she have to be in Turkey to register and does she need her own Turkish bank account?
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    Captcha problem

    Hello. I have a number of sites that I need to complete a captcha to sign in. On my normal laptop I have ni proble but I sometimes have to use a second laptop that keeps giving error to the completed captcha. I have downloaded adobe flash player as this is required but still not working. Tried...
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    2FA Authenticator.

    Hello. Usually when I use this I receive a box to sign in then receive a code to access website. Today there is no box only a whIs it safe to delete the authenticator then reinstall or any other solutions. Using Chrome.
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    Hello. Some sites I log into require me to solve a google captcha. Since last week everytime I fill them in I get message wrong image if I am using Chrome or Opera. Only accepts correct image on firefox. I have deleted cache etc and uninstalled and reinstalled opera. Anyone any idea of problem?
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    Windows Updates

    Hello. My laptop has started automatically downloading windows updates. When I logged off last night there were 171 updates to download. Four the previous day. This morning the counter was at 152 updated. After 5 hours the number is the same so not updating. If I remove power and battery from...
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    illegal build

    Hello. An owner has built a bike cage on our site. My understanding is that it is illegal to build any solid structure on communal ground. The cage stops other owners from access to a window,access to aircon unit and access to painting their wall. Is this illegal|?
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