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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and a better New Year 2021. To all of you on here who have kept me entertained and amused and informed all year long. And a shout out to REDDERS for all your hard work making sure we have all relevant news. Stay safe everyone wherever you are in the world. May you stay healthy...
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    Where is Angela Side

    Haven't seen any posts from Angela in Side. Anyone know why. She always had interesting information. Hope she's ok.
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    Mifi info required

    Has anyone got any info on using mifi. Because Vodafone stopped the roaming in Turkey I will need to buy a mifi or wifi unit. Any info will be appreciated. Costs etc and any thing else that I may need to know.
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    Night of wishes

    Laylat al-Raghaib: Muslims around the world gear up for Islam's Night of Wishes Since the Islamic calendar is calculated with the revolution of the moon around the Earth, the dates of kandils change every year. (IHA Photo) Since the Islamic calendar is calculated with the revolution of the moon...
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    Money/banks Important that we are all aware of this.
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    Date of birth

    Saw this today on my Turkish Facebook. Interesting fact. Useless but interesting. Add your date of birth to your age now and it will be 2019. Apparently this will only occur this year. The wonders of numbers eh! Try it.
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    Urgent help needed Can any one help donate a little or a lot to help this British lady who had a serious accident recently in Alanya. Sadly she was uninsured and the hospital is kicking her...
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    Easyjet flights

    Are out today for next year.
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    Siberian fires

    Siberian fires have been raging since the beginning of July destroying 2.6 million hectares. Towns and villages covered in smoke with many people suffering and wildlife too. I've not seen anything on our uk news has anyone else? This is an absolute disaster.
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    Norway terror

    What's happening in Norway and Denmark. Mosque attack yesterday in Norway and explosion at a Denmark police station...
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    VPN advice please

    Is it good to install VPN on my android phone. I often get recommendation to install. What are the benefits. Is it really necessary? ? Thanks in advance.
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    Wanted: Good news

    Just hoping some TLFers may have some good news to share.... please. I need some positivity in my reading.
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    New Laws for buying & selling 2019

    Taken from Voices newspaper this morning.... A CHANGE has been announced by the government over foreigners buying and selling property in Turkey. The change to the law was brought in at the weekend. Before the law change, foreigners could buy and well properties using their tax cards. Now the...
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    Facebook whatsapp and instagram glitch

    They are all experiencing photo glitches. Causing problems uploading seeing photos etc. Seems to be world wide. They are working on it.
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    Good luck Lionesses

    Anyone gonna be watching the women's semi final football tonight. England v USA . I wish them luck for tonight and I reckon it'll be a very good match.
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    Tourists on the rise in Alanya

    Very pleased to see Alanya and some surrounding places appear to have more tourists than I've seen in years. I even had some Japanese tourists ask me how to get to Konakli Pazaar. I must admit I was really surprised at that. Maybe it's a new holiday destination for the Japanese as I saw two...
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    Istanbul Grand Bazaar
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    Directions to Seki

    Does anyone know which bus I could get along the D400 from Konakli to Dirmitaş. As I need to go to SekI .
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    Julien Assange dragged from the Ecuadorian Embassy

    Wikileaks guy Julien Assange dragged from the Ecuadorian embassy today. Is it a good day or a bad day for truthful journalists? The truth tellers are obviously not wanted. Sad state when journalists are still being banged up. Thought this only went on in other countries. Wonder what his fate...
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    NEW Istanbul airport

    ISTANBUL AIRPORT: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IGA AIRPORT TABLE OF CONTENTS Now that the move from Atatürk Airport to the new Istanbul Airport is a fact, it is time to answer the questions you may have as a traveler. In this post, you will find the answer to questions like ‘How to get from...
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