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  • Hi, I am coming out to Datca with Jane and Hils soon. I just wondered if there was anything you would like me to bring out for you? Love Em

    If I am allowed to post the Philadelphia to Turkey I will send you some

    hiya, ive just seen your post on one of the recent forum chain things about dalyan.
    im really really set on moving to dalyan, i feel as though its where im 'meant to be'. ive fallen in love with the place. i really dont like all the negative feed back im getting about jobs and stuff haha.. i know its all true, but some positives would be nice :) much appreciate you taking your time to read this. thankyouuuu xx
    Hi Doreen, Hope you are well and surviving the IK winter? Sorry I can't remember the name of the hotel, only that it was in Sultanahmet. I booked it online through LateRooms. Datca is very quiet as usual - love it!! - weather has been mixed, beautiful sunshine yesterday, torrential rain today! A lot of people have had water damage thsi winter. However Spring is almost here - the almond blossom is flowering!!! Lindaxx
    Hi Linda, hope this finds you well. Remember we (Molly and I from Riviera Villas), were asking you about Istanbul last time we were in Datca in October last? We have booked to go end Sept. but could not remember the name of the place where you stayed and recommended to us. We probably should be booking a place now as Istanbul is the 'city of culture for 2010 and will be really busy I'm sure. Really looking forward to it although it seems a long way off. We will be going out again end May so will see you then no doubt. Anything interesting happening in Datca lately?? All the best in the meantime.
    Doreen xx
    Hi Andy, thanks but Zeytin Dali is too far out for me, I need unfurnished, and I have a dog which is often a problem on the sitesi's. I appreciate your offer and if I hear of anyone looking for a rental I'll give them your details.
    Hi Are you still looking for an apartment to rent long term?
    We have a ground floor fully furnished apartment on Zeytin Dali Phase Two vacant and available for any term rent, please get in touch or email me at andy-cross@live.co.uk

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