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  • I have been looking at at Easyjet website for flights from Bristol to Bodrum late March early April,but cannot see any flights,after reading you contribution on the forum I have tried again but still no timetable.I am flexible on dates as I go out for 7/8 weeks,I like to get organised as soon as possible,I am not too good with the computer,so I would appreciate any suggestions.I am a regular to The Mem,but I follow the other game and have been going there since 1951,but I am getting too old for the travelling from the Llanelli area,so I have to limit my visits there.I hope you can be of assisstance to me with easyjet flights and please forgive me for contacting you like this.Thanks John.
    hi cat thanks for your message..i hope they keep to the date...my brother was back in court for the verdict on an appeal he made last year..he appealed for a reduction in the 40 year sentence..theyve dropped two of the charges..ie importing and conspiracy. which is an acknowledgment that he was not the master criminal etc..he was wrong though for what he did and he .and reduced his sentence to one for possession and its down to 8 years..and he may be repatriated. to the uk with only a few months to serve...hopefully this different look at what my brother did will have an impact on alans case as he wasnt there when my brother stored the drugs.
    once again thanks for your message xxx
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