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    Electrical appliances

    Is it possible to change the fuse on a Turkish plug?Looking at the plugs it seems like they are sealed units and I don’t want to start messing around with one and breaking it.I ask because our tv has gone off and the fuse is the first thing I want to check.
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    Euro 2016 on Turkish tv

    Does anyone know which Turkísh tv channels will be showing the games live?Our package has finished and we go back over to Turkey tomorrow,and I'm not going to bother renewing it unless I can watch tge games on it. I wouldn't mind watching the games in a bar,but even my understanding wife may...
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    Renting dongles

    Anyone know where you can rent one in Dalyan?Got quoted £30 from 1 place who will only do it for a week at a time.However we have guests staying at our place who only wanted one for 4 days but have had to pay for a full week..Just wondered if anyone does it for less or charge by the day..Thanks.
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    Wheelchair friendly transfers

    Does anybody know of a company that has vehicles equipped to carry wheelchairs?The person it is required for would have to remain in the wheelchair throughout the journey,as it is nigh on impossible to get him to sit on a regular seat in the vehicle.We have found a villa suitable for him and a...
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    I need to do a few small plastering jobs when we next go over to our place in September.Can anybody please let me know the name for plaster in Turkish and the brand name,as I don't want to end up buying cement or something similar. Cheers
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    Air con remote control

    A long shot this but here goes:- Little Swan Boerka Model KFR-35 GW remote control We need a new remote for the above model.Unable to obtain one in Turkey as it appears that this Chinese company no longer trades there,and hardly anybody has heard of them.A pity as the unit works fine,just...
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    Mobility scooters

    Does anybody know if there is anywhere in Dalyan (or Ortaca maybe) where you can rent them from.Father in law is thinking of coming over with us in May,and although he can get around by himself,he can't walk very far. I know where we could get hold of a wheelchair but he won't use one of...
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    Villa for rent in Dalyan

    Hi we have a fully air conditioned three bedroom villa for holiday rental in Dalyan.It is 5 minutes walk from the mosque and river.It is on a small complex of 8 villas with a shared pool.It is available for most dates this summer.If interested send me a PM and I will send you a link to two...
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    Another newbie here.

    Hello to everyone,just found the forum yesterday after a Google search. We have a house in Dalyan(bought it last year),and try to get over there at least 3 times a year.Spent a week there recently and can't wait until May when we next fly out there!
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