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    Registering new water meter

    Going back to Turkey in a few weeks and need to get a new water meter as our old one has given up the ghost. I believe a new meter (pre pay type) can be bought at a DIY type shop and I know there is one in Yalikavak near bus station, am I correct in thinking I can get one there? Also how do I...
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    Water meter problem

    The display on our pre pay card type water meter has gone totally blank, does anyone know if there is a battery inside somewhere? Not only is it impossible to see how much water we have left on credit but will not be able to register any top up on the card, our meter is a white one where most of...
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    Has Aydem moved ?

    Has Aydem moved to a new office in Yalikavak ? The office in the corner of the dolmush station looks to be empty
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    Danger on beaches

    Just seen this, it makes you think. Islamic State threaten to target Brits on Turkish beaches | Latest News | Latest Breaking News | Daily Star
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    Habitation certificate question

    Can anyone tell me if a new habitation certificate needs to be issued if a property changes hands or is the original one valid whoever the owner is ?
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    A2B problems

    My wife is just on her way back from Turkey and phoned A2B transfers yesterday to confirm pick up time, she was told they will no longer collect people from private sitesis and that she had to make her own way to either a large hotel or a supermarket. Luckily there is Migros less than half a...
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    Taps in street

    Have noticed the water taps sticking out of walls or monuments etc. in towns and villages, can someone tell me is the water fit to drink or is it for washing. Thanks
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    Aydem office closed?

    Walked past Aydem office in Yalikavak yesterday, there was no one there cos it was Saturday but the door was wide open and the place looked derelict, have they moved ? and if so where do we go to pay bills now.
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    Liverpool to Bodrum flights for sale

    I have 2 return flights for sale, Liverpool to Bodrum, depart March 30th @ 07;10, return on April 6th @ 14:05 with Easyjet. Will sell both together or seperate. One of them is £150 and the other £190, this includes 20kg baggage allowance on both and change of name fees. The reason for the...
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    Dish cost

    Going to have a bigger sattelite dish fitted soon, can anyone tell me what a reasonable price would be for a 90cm dish supplied, fitted and tuned in, we are in Yalikavak area. (have allready got cable in place and digibox).Thanks
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    Baby hedgehog

    Thought some of you animal lovers might like to see these pics I took of a baby hedgehog we found that was totally lost and exausted. Brought it in to the house and warmed it up, it seemed to recover a little, next day I found the hedgehog nest and put the young one back but it was obvious...
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    Emulsion paint

    Can anyone tell me please when buying paint in Turkey what are the Turkish words for emulsion, matt and silk. Thanks
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    Dolmus charges

    Can someone please tell me if you have to pay the same fare on a dolmus if you travel the whole length of the route as you would do if you got off after only half a mile for instance. :thanks:
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    Wild boar in Gokcebel

    We were driving through the back streets of Gokcebel in the early hours of Friday morning heading for the main Torba road to go to the airport, got chased 3 times by crazy dogs which we managed to shake off but just as we got close to the main road a hugh wild boar charged across the road in...
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    Hi everyone, my name is Martin, me and my wife Jackie are from North Yorkshire and are in the process of buying a property near Yalikavak. Everything is about complete apart from no military permission yet, (its been 6 months is that normal?) We are coming over to Turkey end of next week...
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