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  • Robert I am thinking if changing from Bagkur to SGK but I am wondering if it will be worth it if they give Medicals etc. what do you think? Hope you are both okay as haven't seen or heard from you for ages.
    FYI, heres what i am told....

    Morning Lynne no problem to change to the cheaper version of insurance without pension will let you know what to do if you want to know Sheila x

    You wont be penalised i was the same with pre condition, but have now changed as we dont need the pension proably wont be around to collect it LOL, any way went to the office they told me i had to get everything together again ie. the same documents as before and when i went to the office didnt need anything just asked at the desk to change and they did it no problems and Ivan wasnt there, hope this helps x
    ps you would get the pension even if you have 1 from the uk you pay you get it .x

    its about 235 now so well worth the switch and it was easy peasy Pauline did it the same time as me , we asked for SGK when we took it out but got Bag- kur didnt know you could switch till i went down and asked 2 and a half years paying that 1 so happy now, just go down and do it ,x
    Hiya, I am hoping you can shed some light on BagKur. Pleas dont roll your eyes up. This isnt complicated and I am already on BagKur. BUT, when we took it out, we were advised that SSK would be dearer because we would be paying 2 payments, mine and my husband's. So we opted for BagKur and now it seems SSK (or whatever its called) seems to be cheaper. Do uyou know if it is possible to change to it and if so, what are the ramifications. We arent bothered about the pension (in fact we never expected it), but BagKur isnt worried about pre existing conditions and when we joined Dave had cataracts and almost immediately had them operated on. Ironically, we had been trying to get BagKur from late 2008 and that was before the cataracts.....

    Have you any advice. We had so much trouble getting the BagKur in Jan 2011 that we are nervous about rocking the boat.

    I hope you dont mind me asking, but you seem so switched on :)

    Lynne xXx
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