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    2021 Holiday Plans

    Booked a one flight for me and my wife from Manchester on 25th next Sunday to Bodrum with Pegasus hope they don’t cancel that one
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    Turkey Reopening..??

    I love going shopping and the markets in Altinkum cannot wait to get over on the 23rd
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    Turkey Reopening..??

    We fly out 23rd July from Birmingham to Bodrum with Jet2 pits a one way flight so I hope it goes ahead
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    Info Christodolo poorly (AKA Duke)

    Such a shame used to see Duke a lot around Hunters Valley / Karasoy
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    Info First move to Turkey

    We are in Hutters valley Altinkum we are over June to renew our residency permits not come back this Christmas/ new year we are thinking of downsizing in Hopwas /Tamworth and doing 10 months in Turkey love Altinkum
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