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  • Hi valian,just an update on my situation,going for angiograme friday 18th,due to fly on 22nd may,I N R levels up and down at moment,consultant has said in his notes from hospital that i aint allowed to fly in may,only just found this out,maybe he will change his mind after angiograme on friday(hope so)If he dont change his mind then i hope to be over a little later on,i have ians number in my phone,and can you just confirm that the readings from blood tests are same as the uk,and they will tell me what dose of warfarin to take or do i need to ring back home to the clinic with the blood test results for them to tell me dosage,sorry to be a pain,hope to hear from you soon and even hope to see you both soon,if i get the go ahead ill call you and the effes is on me but ill have water lol speak soon and take care both x
    Hi Valian,
    We were in contact last year at this time (Sept/Oct 2010) regarding trapping/spay-neuter/re-release/establish feeders in the Didim Area. I was with my Turkish/American husband and we got the traps from the shelter and Ali Durmis. You were helpful back then. I thought that I would reach out and hopefully we can stay connected because I am in the midst of creating a charity fund for animals and didn't want to lose track of everyone that helped out last year. How time flies!
    Also, was hoping to receive an update on Ali Durmis and the Spay/Neuter of street animals that he was suppose to be doing and the state of the Didim Shelter.
    Hope to hear from you,
    Lynn (easier than "Irja")
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