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  • thanx Val i could,nt find how to ban this person thats why i edited the post can you run me through it ..cheers John
    hello Val, i have a topic '' differentlifestyle '' and i am very SAD about all comments, would u please help me? i want to delete this topic. and i dont want to hear anything about that anymore, thanks for your help.
    Hi Val, sory to bother you again but naot able to find mahmutlar forum! Wondering who would be responsible for the roads out here, we live just below paradise hill and a new block being finished further below us and they send huge diggers in and wrecked the packed dirt, then ccame the floods/rains and its 200mtrs to the cobled bit of My Marine residence and as I am recovering from accident totally unable to walk down it now, its hard enough trying to get into taxi van! Here till Nov/

    I never found that message you were sending me about the solicitor etc and stuff on Mahmutlar, if you get a chance please semd me info.
    Thanks for all the help on the forum. Appreciate the time, hope to be able to add more myself when out there myself. G
    hi it possible to let my thread completely deleted from BACK ROOM..its closed thread..but possible not to read it ??
    Hi Val,

    Some msg or something popped up at me yesterday from you but cdnt work it out.
    Hi Val,
    Please could you close down the 'Advice' thread. It is both slanderous and offensive.
    Many thanks
    Is it possiable to get e-mail to my own box if there is any reply to post which I`m interested in ?
    Or is there chance to get info on the forum if sb has replied my own posts?
    Thanks for help
    HELLO,I`m confused. I would like to write some important question in posts and I can not,why? How i can write min 15 posts if now i`m trying without result :( What I` doing wrong?
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