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  • Hi Griff, we're back next Monday and thats when the bike club is ;) It's bloody boiling out here and getting hotter by the day.
    We'll hopefully see you both there. Steve
    Hi Griff, Yes we'll meet up in Yali in a few weeks. I owe you a beer because we won the quiz and the prize was 6 bottles.
    Now you know we don't bite ( and have women in the club ) maybe Dawn can be persuaded to come along and who knows, she may even start to like bikes.
    See you in a few weeks.

    Ste n She
    Hi Steve
    Nice to finally meet you both yesterday. As i mentioned I am out from 3rd till 19th June. If you fancy meeting up for a drink, you can mail me or txt 07957606799. I should have the internet on our site (seeing as its me that has to reconfigure it every time we go).
    Have a good trip Tower to Tower see you at the nex tmeeting ?.
    Griff and Dawn
    Hi Steven, sorry just got your message on here, I didn't recieve any notification...I go over on the 2nd, & staying till the 19th, I'd love to come to Istanbul, this year it's the city of culture, I been having a look at hotels etc, but I also have a friend who is a travel agent, I can get him to have a look at flights etc, He'll not charge any extra as he's a mate, I'll get on to the case as soon as I arrive, then hopefully we should have something more solid to work around. Think you can get internal flights tho for around £50 - £60 return.
    Cheers again & I'll try catch up with Sheila soon.
    Take care both ; )
    Just read it, we don't mind at all. We haven't booked any flights to Istanbul yet but have looked at the hotels (cheap one's) and they seem fine. We fly out on the 7th April and are looking to go aroung 11th for maybe 3/4 days but are flexible. We're out tonight but I'll get Sheila to talk it over with you tomoz ;)
    Hi Steven, I sent you a message on fb,did you not recieve it? If you & Shiela don't mind, I'd love to tag along to Istanbul with ya.
    Hope you don't think I'm a crazy insomniac, I'm on nights at work at the
    Take care & hear from you soon
    Lynn : )
    Shame we're not going april Steve, check out the prices on that website it's cheapflights. co. uk Ted
    50 eh well i'm damned your just a youngen really.

    Now you have the best evening ever you hear.

    Best Wishes me old mate :pressie:

    Take Care Old Boy lol

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