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    If i want to bring 12000 euro as a cash to europe where should I declare in Turkey in istanbul airport?

    Hello. I know the rule is 10000 euro. However, it was written that if you declare no problem. Does anybody know where should I declare in istanbul airport? how long does this process take? also i have a transit from amsterdam to poland. Where should I declare there? netherland or poland? I have...
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    Noter legitimaty

    Is it valilik or kaymakamlik and did you translate in sworn translator or embassy?
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    Noter legitimaty

    Thank you so much. You know the issue is I have the marriage certificate in Turkey which is in persian. I want to prove a european embassy that I am married. I also have national id with myself. my spouse is in europe by the way. If i translate my document in the translation office and then the...
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    Noter legitimaty

    yes but the document will be translated in Turkey by a sworn translator. That one I mean. The translator told me that the noter approves it. I mean they did it themselves
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    Noter legitimaty

    Hello, I don't know where should I ask therefore sorry. Hello, I have a question regarding noter. Consider someone has a document and it is translated by t he sworn translator and noter onays that one and also kaymakamlik approve it. Is this document considered legitimate inside turkey and can...
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    Paying for rp card in ziraat bank

    Hello, Did anybody pay for rp card fee inside ziraat or other banks? I want to know which code we should use? The bank does not know exactly. In this website I saw 9192 which is the code that I think we should pay...
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    Credit card debit in dollar

    Hello, I have a question regarding credit card. Does anybody here use creditcard (Turkish bank)? I actually use it in Turkish tl, however now for applying universities or registering some exams I need to pay in dollar or euro or .... I want to know if I change my bill to the (yabanci ekstre)...
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    NON-EU married spouse schengen visa

    Hello, Is there any non-eu member in this forum who had experience in applying for the schengen visa? could you help me with this question? Hello, I have a question regarding the visa for married persons. Please help me. I want to apply for a schengen conference visit visa for myself and my...
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    Most economical and guaranteed shipping service to outside of Turkey

    Hi, Which postal service is the best for outside of Turkey? I want to send lots of documents to different countries. Anybody had experience? Time is not so much important than price and warranty! Thanks
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    Hello, Does anybody know whether we can obtain try loan from banks by blocking dollar without guarantor? Actually, the blocked money is a kind of guarantor. Even with low change rate. for example, for 3000 dollars, 16000 tl.
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    Medical issue please help

    Hello, Does anybody have any info or can guide me? My wife wants to have a blood test as well as pap smear. Her sigorta has been finished. Even if not finished, since she is a student her sigorta is not a good one as far as I know. What is the difference between public and personal hospital...
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    flight ticket

    Hi, I want to buy 5 tickets for a few days before kurban bayram (which is on 11 August) from van to istanbul. I want to know whether anybody has any experience about it. Now the cheapest ticket is around 300 tl. Is it reasonable to wait for a cheaper one a month later or even a few days before...
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    Applying to portugal visa in Istanbul

    Hello, Does anybody know how can a person apply to the portugal turistic visa in istanbul? Nobody answers me by phone in consulate? I emailed they answered automatically make an appointment in Ankara!
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    Understanding the IBAN

    Hello, A person sent money to my account using eft. I could not see his IBAN in my receipt got from internet bank. I just see his name and surname and the related bank. Is there anyway to know the IBAN? If I go to bank do they give me sender's IBAN? Is it generally like this? Why is that? Thanks
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    22 Nisan

    Sorry for opening new thread I don't know where to ask. Is ptt opened tomorrow 22 Nisan? Here it is not stated but I have doubt
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