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  • Thanks once again val for the info,its D day tmrw,got my angiograme,will speak to consultant and hope he lets me fly if test all clear,if and when i get there will defo contact you and get you both a beer,im sure i will be there at some stage,thanks again and take care ,shaun xx
    Oh dear, that's a bit of a blow that you may not be able to fly in May!

    Yes, the readings from the blood tests are the same as UK. It is the nurse who takes the blood for the test and as Ian's rate is now very stable, there are no adjustments to make. But prior to that, Ian did used to consult with the doctor to get the rate right. So I think it would be up to you, speak to the doctor here or phone your UK clinic. Val xx
    Hello to anyone who can help me,i recently left altinkum after my week holiday,may i add i am a regular visitor to altinkum,but this time reading my visa i thought i was ok for my stay,only when i got to bodrum airport i was told at passport control i was 4 days over,a policman was called and he told me 4 days over,i explained about visa wording, he gave me passport back and shook my hand and said ok,no fine paperwork or any diff type of stamp on passport,im due to return end of sept this year but in back of my mind still some worry,should i worry or not thanks to anyone who has had same experiance..
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