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  • Hi Tony good to talk to you the other day. I promised a list of a few good sites for you to look up about current world affairs and bible prophecy, hope you find them of interest. Love to Michelle and Josh xx
    Millenium Ark (Stan Dayo)
    RSOE EDIS disaster and emergency inform site
    Raiders News Network
    Northeast Intillegence Newtwork
    L.A. Marzulli's blog
    Steve Quayle
    Brit-Am Lost ten tribes
    Chuck Missler website
    Rapture Ready website

    Just a few to keep you going !!! Ha! Ha!
    Hi Tony how's things with you. We returned from Datca a week ago had a lovely holiday with Molly and Dennis. We travelled up to Ephesus and stayed for a couple of nights in Selcuk which is about couple miles from Ephesus really worthwhile visiting, enormous ruins but such history attached. We stayed in a pansyion bit basic but OK. We were in Datca a month weather was lovely until the last couple days when the thunderstorms started on the last morning before we left. Hope you are all well.
    Love Doreen and Geoff xx
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