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  • hi tjd,i used moneycorp when i bought a property in spain the money went straight through to spanish bank no problems i just contacted money corp and they helped me all the way very good service
    Hi-could you please email me details of how to pay Milas Council Tax on line-my email address is taylor.tribe@sky.com
    I didn't see any apartment blocks being built on the site - just 2 rows of detatched houses. I'll be back out again in June so if I have a car I can have another look around.
    Yes it does seem to be the right place. It seems no progress has oocured I visited in June 2009 and was worried by the lack of progress. I am extremely worried as the apartment is paid for but no delivery date is in sight. Regards Bill:7:
    From the road it certainly didn't look it. It looks like it's been closed and abandoned for a while new. I don't really know much about it, just last summer someone got in touch with me and I offered to take a couple of pics. I have no personal interest in the site, i.e. I don't have a house there but am certainly willing to help out if I can.
    When were you last there?
    Personally, I'd be chasing them thru the Turkish courts by this stage to recover my money.
    Just to quickly clarify - The place I'm aware of is on the way to Bodrum from the Airport. Once you pass the turn off for Vita Park Golf on the right, then about 2-300 meters on the left is the entrance to the development. There are 2 rows of detatched houses with a show house built about 50 yards in front of them. There is no signage to indicate it is Flamingo Golf Resort. Does that sound right for the place you know?
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