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  • Hi Carol
    So nice to here from you again, thanks for the birthday wishes, we had a nice day in the garden with the grandchildren, Margaret put on a nice spread n treats for the kids,who so enjoyed their day.
    I,m afraid that we might not make it over now as my skin cancer has evolved into a more serious situation, I have to have another scan and will be starting radiology treatment every day for 5 weeks, so had to cancel our flight plans for 20th Aug.
    However we can only live in hope at the mo.
    Again thank you for getting in touch
    Cheers Peter
    Hi Carol
    Sorry to hear you had to cancel your hols, was a bit worried re you traveling alone, you never know in this day and age, however, as you say you have another trip to look forward to, so all the best for that, will hear how it goes when we come back.
    Cheers n all the best Peter
    Hi Carol,
    I suppose you will be getting prepared to go soon, hope flights n all, are ok for you, hope to see you over there.

    Cheers Peter
    Hi again Carol, following on from last night, re the ASH prob, my sister is stuck in Spain somewhere, and her daughter on honeymoon is stuck in the Maldives, we were down at there wedding in Tavistock 2 weeks ago, went thru a small crisis myself last Nov, when diagnosed with melenoma skin cancer, had an op to remove the mole, then called back in Jan, they found 3 more lumps under my arm, which had to be cut out immedeatly, however, back on the mend now, get tired very easily, but think thats down to the old age thing (he he ) doc says its ok to holiday in Tinky, but to be senseable about it,and get a big hat, so a Fez and skips are out, maybe a sombrero or ten gallon cowboy hat,
    so you will see me before I see you.
    Again nice to hear from you again, see you soon.

    Peter n Margaret
    Hi Carol, already done a text, but just as I was sending it, I noticed something about it being too long, don,t know where it went, so will do two to you, this one and one tomorrow, so nice to hear from you again, have noticed you posts over the past few months, are you over just now or are you going soon, we are over 15th May thru to 20th June, maybe catch you then, as you say ASH permitting, and spend some proper time with you,hows your mum, ok I hope, Margarets in bed at the mo, will let her know you were in touch, will text again tomorrow.

    Cheers n all the best Peter
    No not furnishing, LOL!!!! had my share of that, gonna take a long forenoon before that escapade again. You will not be disappointed with the wonderful Carolk both in a professional and personal capacity, I am glad you will get to meet with her, delighted in fact, so will you. Sevil is also a darling isn;t she. You will have a blast and your time will not be long enough. Glad you have no problems truly I am, So so sorry to miss you it would have been fab, you me and Carol could have put the world to rights and maybe had a vodka or 3 lol. Sharon xxxxx
    Friggin Norah, I;m not there until end of the month. Would have been good to have met.
    Want to hear all about the adventure though, please let me know. Take care and enjoy.
    oh Carol sorry about your trying patient, some of them I am sure are. God love you Carol you have a heart of gold. Well I am sure Katherine Jenkins was amazing, bet she was awesome i would have loved to have been there. Well, good for you. I want to go to Istanbul also Carol I think it would be amazing, you will be fine hon, keep positive and take it all in and enjoy. What date will you be in Tinky, I am asking for a reason and how long are you staying ??
    Hi Carol, just dropping you a line, hope you are well. Speak soon. Love and best wishes Sharon xxxx
    Have had a stonking cold all week, hate the cold and runny nose, disgusting. x
    Hi Carol
    Thought I would get in touch with you, to thank you for coming down to talk with us last year, my P.C. has been down for over 6 months, hence the time to reply, however maybe catch you again this year, we are over 15th may till 20th june, then 20th aug, till 8th oct, so all the best to you.

    Cheers Peter n Margaret

    Ps, Sorry if their was a wee bit of an atmosphere that day, but Margarets daughter just had a wee arguement, just before you arrived.
    Hi Carol, good to see you on the forum, I havn't seen you on for a while, maybe I just missed you. Hope all is well with you. Merry Christmas and a happy new year - hope 2010 is fab for you. Take care, Love Sharon xxx
    Carol, just by chance i came into your page and saw you had left me a message, you need to come into my page and leave a message, I done this a few times and wondered why they didnt answer me, I had left a message on my own page for them dohhhh!!!!
    Do you live in Tinky Carol or just holiday there, I should know but I have a head like a sieve unless I trawl through the posts. I met up with a couple of folks of here in July for a coffee, if you had been there then I would have had loved to have a had a coffee with you too. Maybe next time!!!
    LOL!!! Me too Carol, I love a nebby!!!! and I love to get ideas that way too, love the design programmes on TV as well, I try to be upbeat Carol, too many in the doldrums, no time for that, I do have my moments but generally I am always in good nature and try to remain positive. Yea I am sure it is not easy to sell, but at least to sell they have the documentation done and dusted, i would at least like to be in that position!!!!!!!! Sharon xx
    Hi Tess, I was surprised you got the message, not used this visitor message thing before, just clicked on the PM box in the post in the thread in the past. I'm sure they appreciated your comments as you are always upbeat and positive (it is nice to have a neb as well out of curiosity - gives me ideas on furniture and decoration). I wouldn't like to be trying to sell at the moment - it must be dire especially for the ones who really need to sell because of a downturn in their circumstances.
    Carol x
    Hi Carol, yes when I put a post on the last one I thought Jeez I do look like a stalker or a sad beep!!!!! Ah Carol if it were me I would like someone to give me a word of encouragement and I was truthful they all are bloody lovely, ain't they, or is it me ????? God I'm scared to go on now in case Perry or someone calls me SAD!!!! I'm a bit sad but also a bit Jolly and love a laugh so SOD it I'll put me crash helmet on and forward into battle, I'm at work so just get a sneaky on the forum now and then until I get home then I become even more of a stalker and sad LOL!!!! take care and tell em all their home are lovely and will sell in two minutes - I wish!!!
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