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    Airport transfer - Izmir to Kusadasi

    Hi Any recommendations for low-cost airport transfer from Izmir to Kusadasi sahil sitleri?
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    Atlasglobal from Luton

    Has anyone used Atlasglobal from Luton to Istanbul? I was thinking of trying them out
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    Disaster at Silver Sands beach

    just come back from a short break at Silver Sands Beach - was astounded to see that the Silver Sands, Star Beach and Moonlight beach restaurants have been razed to the ground? what happened? who is responsible? The beach itself is covered in winter detritus - totally covered in sticks and...
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    Is now a good time to buy property in Turkey?

    My wife mentioned hearing on the news about a wave of political change in Turkey which prompted us to consider "is now a good time to be owning property in Turkey" If things change will Turkey still be a safe place to visit? any thoughts and opinions?
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    wireless internet gizmo

    I am thinking about getting one of those wifi gizmos that connects to the internet without wires and has a wireless router for the computers in the house preferably on a pay as you go basis anyone know where I can get one in Kusadasi ? thanks Thurstan
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    Which is better, Kusadasi or Davutlar

    I was wondering if there was a perceived difference between Kusadasi and Davutlar? I advertise my house for rent as being in Kusadasi (on the basis that its somewhere people may have heard of) but actually its in the district controlled by the Davutlar Belidiye. Is there a cache associated...
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    Airport security - an analogy

    I was walking down Cumhurriet Avenue the other evening when I met a man who was sprinkling a red dust in front of him as he walked along I asked him what he was doing "I'm sprinkling this special dust to keep the aligators away" he told me "but there are no aligators in Kusadasi" I replied...
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    So what is the TAPU and Habitation Cert actually worth?

    as you may have gathered I have just been given my TAPU (paid for it 6 years ago mind you) and discovered that I also have a Habitation Certificate (or at least a document that the local Belidiye provided to allow me to register for tax) My question is - what does this mean in terms of added...
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    The Alternative to Ephesus

    So, you’ve done Ephesus (maybe a couple of times) and you’re looking for something to take its place. If you live close enough – egg in the Kusadasi/Altinkum area, then the three historical sites that are worth considering as alternatives, either singly or as a package, they are the Temple of...
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    tapu or not Tapu, that is the question

    By way of background my wife and I came to Turkey for the first time five years ago on a three day buying trip. We had arranged to meet a number of estate agents and to view a selection of houses. On the third day we had made our mind up and bought through a charming young lady who was very...
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    Tax on Rental Income

    I am looking for official information on the amount of tax that has to be paid on rental income - is it on income or profit? and if the latter what are the allowable expenses to set against income Also, can you pay tax in the UK instead of Turkey if the income is paid direct to the UK rather...
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    Gule Gule

    I think the time has come to say goodbye Its been fun, and I've certainly learned a lot from this forum I have also a met a few other forum members and hope to keep in touch with them but its all too addictive and time consuming so I have decided to give it up and go cold turkey goodbye and...
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    Those hideous tower blocks

    whats the story on those unfinished tower blocks? and more importantly what are the loacl authorities going to do about them? they rewally are an eyesore and spoil what the guidebooks fondly describe as the prettiest town on the aegean coast! Thurstan
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    Whats Gulluk like?

    what are the best bits about Gulluk? any downsides? should I be thinking of investing in the area? Thurstan
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    Naxos to Kusadasi

    anyone any ideas on how to get from Naxos (Greek island) to Kusadasi in mid September? any suggestions welcome thanks Thurstan
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