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    Russian viral video

    Video: Russian viral video claims gay couples adopt children to rape them. Video: Russian viral video claims gay couples adopt children to rape them - An anti-gay Russian video has claimed that 50 per cent of pedophiles are gay and that gay couples only adopt children because...
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    Yalides ............18,000 post n rising

    Yes Congratulations to the dodgy n skanky one 18,000 posts and rising !Stand up Sir and take a bow. Maybe Sir Yalides is deserving ,and him who no longer residing in Turkey! All the best Skanky one! T.:77wu:
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    Tuesday sailings to Kos?

    Can anyone tell me if any of the ferry companys sail on any Tuesday in April to Kos? Thanks T.:angel:
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    Where's Alison?

    Anyone heard from Alison ,the wee Belfast girl who lives in Kusadasi? T.:37:
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    Gökal tİcaret, kemal-mustafa gökal?

    Hi All Could any locals give me directions to the above shop? Thanks T.
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    Thompsons Water Seal Ultra(One Coat)

    Hi Just watched a documentary where the DIY guy recommended the above product Has anyone seen it for sale around the Bodrum Peninsula? Many thanks T.
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    Kos Car Rental

    Hi All Trying to get a one day car rental for Kos,unfortunately all I can get is min 3 day rental Any recommendations for one day rental would be very much appreciated. T.:fish2:
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    Lidl Kos Greece

    Hi All Was wondering ,has anyone been to Lidl on Kos. Does it sell alcohol ? Is it the same as at home,ie are the products similar? And finally is it close to the port? Thanks T.:hearnoevi
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    New roaming rates

    Anyone got the new roaming prices for Turkey that were brought into affect on the 1st July 12 ? T.
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    Cider lovers

    Reports back from Bodrum,are that some establishments are now selling cider? Can anyone confirm this or better still ,where and how much? T.
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    Rental car allowed go to Kos?

    Good Morning All Is it possible to bring a Rental car on the ferry to Kos?for a day trip. I just thought it would be easy and I could drive around the island? Many thanks T.
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    Did Yalides get back to his daughter?

    Hi All I was just wondering did Yalides make it back to the UK ,to be with his daughter. I so hope he did T.
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    Can someone be a HERO after they commit suicide?

    Having seen the devastation after suicide,do others think it right that people make HERO'S of them? I loved Gary Speed as a footballer and professional,but when I see others worship someone who selfishly ended their lifes,it makes me wonder! What about their wifes ,children ,sisters ,brothers...
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    Sausage King

    Is the sausage king of bodrum ,still operating?I'd love to order some sausages or a BBQ pack? Any websit or phone number would be appreciated. Thingthong
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    Reviews for LECAFE please

    Hi Everyone Has anyone tryed the Indian menu at LECAFEBODRUM in Yalikavak. They have advertised in the BodrumBulletin and looks like they have Tikka Masala and Madras Just wondering if its worth a visit for a curry? Thingthong.:help:
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