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  • hey man! ^_^ how's it going? look, i was looking up a couple of stuff on google concerning tht whole thing abt stopping visas in turkey nd stuff, ur answer is da only one i found enriching actually! problem is tht thing is really important to me man, i just need sum few information tht's all coz i still got no idea wht's going on! i really can use ur help mate if u can, i wont take much of ur time at ALL! but tht matter is just really sensitive 2 me i don have more than 2 questions...so plz ur help wud be really effective man, here's my e-mail, viper_boy2010@yahoo.com nd same for hotmail, i wud be really pleased if u conatct me after u get this message mate, i really will appreciate this nd me too can help u wid alotta of stuff..nd i'll explain everything u wanna know later..thank you very much man, srry 4 taking much of ur time..have a good day
    I like your sense of humour abit like my own.

    Was looking for your birth date, but there ain't one here. LOL
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