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  • Hi teosgirl I have noticed that you haven't been posting since Shirley's passing , it may be a coincidence ,but if it is I can understand as it took me at least a week before I could even post and even now I find it strange, and expect to see a post or a pm with Shirley's avatar . I know because of her love of the forum she would of liked to see your insightful posts continue . If it is not because of this we still miss your valued posts and hope to see you posting soon . Bal
    I have noticed that you haven't posted since Shirley's passing it mat be coincidence, but if it's not. I can understand how you are feeling It took me at least a week before I could and even now I find it strange and expect to see a post or a pm. I know because of Shirley's love for the forum she would of liked to see your posts continue, with your well thought out, and valued posts in defence of secularism . If it's not we are still missing your valued posts. Bal
    Hi, its John. Iyi bayramlar. Thank you for all your help in the past, and once again I would be so grateful for any advice you can offer. For regretful personal reasons we need to sell our beautifuil villa in Yeni Foca. Do you know of an emlak in Izmir, who might be able to help. Sorry to bother you again, but any advice would be most welcome, very best wishes, John
    Hi Charlotte

    Do you know the lady in IWAI who's husband works at Tesco/Kipa? I believe she is a relatively new member. My wife met her briefly on the last-but-one coffee morning but failed to get her name or contact details. She was hoping to find out this time but missed the most recent meeting.


    Hi there, well I am in Kusadasi soon,and if you remember you recommended a few things for me to do whilst there i am jotting down my list to do ,briefly,( I know you did not recommend all just the last two I mention,but I have been doing a little research into where to go and what to see and these seem to be good places to visit) Boat trip out of Guzelcami around to N.Park and Samos,Trip to Seluck,trip to Izmir,doing these all under my own steam using local transport, going to find the Ada mehane and experince that, just a question you also suggested the canyon walk though the mountains can I assume I will easily be able to find out about how i can do this?? Ohh and anything else you may think i may enjoy I do like to escape the crowds so any little hidden places you may be able to suggest would be great. Although I am only there for a fornight and one of the weekends are spoken for as I am doing an overnighter to Yalikavak, i will need a holiday to get over my hol lols.
    Mo x
    hello charlotte
    Hope your well and enjoying the slightly warmer weather--i feel all spring like!!-got me thinking of summer and getting out of ksk-i must organise the troops for an outing to Teos!-greg x
    Thanks Charlotte,

    A very wise attitude. Remember I am not asking you to side with any one. only to ponder whether one state for both Jews and Palestinians, and with equal rights, could be a path to peace.
    Hi Charlotte
    I would like to invite you to join the new TLF group “1 Palestine 2 Nations”,
    a group that will promote the concept of a united Palestine, for Jews and Palestinians alike.

    Kind regards Goran Omar Bockman :307bt:
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