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  • Hi - I just came in to update you about the bikes.... and found your last message. I am really sorry not to have got back to you- but it seems there is no notification for 'Visitor' messages. It would be better if you could reply by phone or email (05310202359 or Email me on sharon.john@talk21.com). We have now sold our house so will now be selling the bikes so please let us know if you are still interested? £25 for each bike would be fine - and obviously you can come and see them and try them out first. Best wishes, Sharon
    Hi Sharon,
    Thank you for your message. Okey i have a suggestion, see if you are interested or not, let me know. We are here only for the summer time and we will leave at the end of october. If you want , we can rent your bike for 40 lira each (see if they are okey to bike properly, we need to see them) and when the season finish for us in october, i will give you your bike back and you can sell it for your donation for the dog shelter or use it in winter. If you want we can meet and discuss about it. I'm a mom at home with a baby and my husband works on a yacht in D-Marina. Up to you if you are interested. my phone number is +905350335258. Best regards, Tehani
    Hi tehani,
    We do have 2 bikes, but won't be selling them until we sell our house which recently went on the market. For the time being we want to hang on to them as although we hardly use them over the summer, we do take them out in the colder weather. If the house sells quickly I will let you know as we would then want to sell both - and as they are old, we would really just want a donation for the dog shelter. I will keep you posted. Best wishes, Sharon
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