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    Boris - Tories - What now?

    also where are the extra 50000 NHS staff Boris promised
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    Credit where it's due

    We here so much on here about rip off Turkey that it's nice to report something different Yesterday we had a few things to do in Yalikavak ie bank etc so we decided to have some lunch and do a bit of shopping.So after buying a bagful of scarfs which Paula told me were half the price of home and...
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    World Cup

    There was a bet in mc leans bookies last week 10-1 that England wouldn't win a match I thought bad bet but sorry I didn't take it now
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    Putting things in perspective

    We moan and whinge about our lives and things like our sat tv or our wifi won't work how stupid we are Last weekend I went to a football club dinner dance where the guest speaker was a guy called Anto Finnegan a former Antrim GAA captain Anto stumbled to the podium and explained how a year...
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    Yalikavak wedding

    On Thursday 18th July Paula and I celebrated our wedding at Sofis in yalikavak What an evening and night thoroughly enjoyed by ourselves and our guests Alex and his team were superb and everything from the Christian and Turkish ceremonies to the food and the entertainment was organised to...
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    Sat tv supplier

    Hi folks A short time ago there was a thread running about a tv system wher you bought a box of some kind and then could start and stop subscributions on a monthly basis am I correct and if so who is the supplier in the yalikavak area Thank you swagman
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    For all Gaels

    The championship starts in earnest tomorrow and Bora has said he will be showing matches lets hope that Maurice Deegan leaves his anti Armagh feelings at home
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    Visa rules for children

    Hi folks its probably been covered before but I'm taking the easy way out What are the visa rules for children ages 1 2 and 6 and no they're not mine thank god Swagman
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    Yalikavak Dog problem

    Last week we visited our home in yalikavak and had a very nasty experience with some of the local dog population.Whilst in the village one evening we decided not to eat in a restaurant but to get a takeway. This we did and were heading for the car which was parked on the far side of the dolmus...
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    Saoirse on tour

    Enjoy your holiday Philip and no doubt if there is wifi available in the Far East we will hear from you
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    For all Gaels

    Dr chokes Munster champs Cross rangers ulster champ for the 10th time and 3rd in a row
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    X factor

    Just been forced to sit through X factor and all I can say is I'm glad my children don't live in the same country as that freak rylan
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    Armagh championship

    Cross win Armagh in a very tough game hopefully the first of 3 again this year
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    All Ireland winners

    Donegal all Ireland champions by four points
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    Izmir hotels

    Hi folks we will be spending a few days in Izmir early next year and I was wondering if any of you new of any decent reasonably priced hotels in a fairly central position Reads and thanks swagman
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